Last month I covered how human colostomy bag Gersh Kuntzman was very proud of himself for going around New York City making sure people’s cars were ticketed by automated traffic enforcement cameras.

There is nothing more oppressive tyrannical than automated traffic enforcement.

A system of cameras and computers that read your plate and send you a fine.

The enforcement of the law should be a human endeavor.  Having that automated is a ruthlessly tyrannical way of using the law as a means of revenue generation.

So one must wonder what sort of person willingly makes it easier for automated traffic cameras to record and fine people, when it is not their job and they receive no compensation for it?

As it turns out, there is a militia of Kuntz men out there doing this.



Yglesias actually defends automated traffic enforcement.


Remember how in the Wake of the George Floyd riots, Leftists told us that we should NEVER call the cops on POC, regardless of what they are doing?

They told us we should allow shoplifters to take whatever they want because insurance will cover it.

They demanded that we defund the police.

But give them the ability to rat out a car to an automated traffic system so someone gets find and their erection lasts for more than four hours.

I have noticed that all of these people have general car hatred in their time lines.  Especially towards big trucks, which they want to ban, and sports cars and SUVs which they insult the owners of.

In The Last Of Us, collaborators with FEDRA were shot.

In Belgium, women who slept with Naziz were dragged into the streets, stripped naked, had their heads shaved, were beaten, covered with animal shit, and thrown out of town.

Everyone hates a collaborator.

These people aren’t even getting paid, they are doing it for the pleasure.

I really hope they rat out the car if some hard core pipe hitting thug.

Then we’ll never have to see one of their bullshit OpEds ever again either.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “What makes people like this?”
  1. Individuals who perceive themselves as ‘no one’ when they look in the mirror despise anyone who they believe is ‘someone’—-the judgment they deem credible because self-worth is not a virtue but instead a hindrance to the greater social good, as a whole. A government pawn abhors all who are not. A non-victim, an individual, is their enemy, because the government deems them so. They are subjects of the Father Land and you should be too or else!

  2. These “people “ don’t have enough to do. Lots of free time to absorb the propaganda and “causes” to push. Usually they end up getting ass kicked by an American…. And in this age of “entitlement” they think they are right and we are wrong therefore we should meekly accept it…

  3. They’re the equivalent of the historical ‘old lady down the street’ whose house you avoided because she would call the cops if you played ball anywhere near there or if your dog was barking.

    They are lonely, miserable individuals whose only joy is trying to make people as unhappy as they are.

    1. Well sort of……in my opinion for your analogy to be accurate, ‘the old lady down the street’, would have to leave her area of the street and exact her tyranny on all areas of the street, and the town afterward if no one on her street was in violation of being happy.

  4. This is just another symptom/outcome of years of Critical Theory indoctrination.
    Step 1: Pick a system
    Step 2: Do nothing but criticize it. (the operative word is Critical, not race, economic, or whatever.) Refuse to acknowledge there are any good parts of the system under critical scrutiny.
    Step 3: Determine that the system is hopelessly broken beyond any repair, and therefore needs to be destroyed.
    Step 4: Do everything you can to make that happen.
    There is a reason why the police are horrible when talking BLM, but the police are your friends when you are using them to ticket cars for minor offenses. Especially if you are a bicyclist, or worse, a vegan bicyclist.
    You are absolutely convinced in your righteousness because of your critical review of the system.
    I would not be surprised if these people reporting cars for minor violations are greenies as well. How dare an individual own a car when the planet is on the precipice of disaster!

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