Over the weekend there was a shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs.

Many TV talking heads have drawn parallels to the Pulse shooting.

I remember the Pulse shooting.

I remember that it was a radical Islamist who chose a soft target to create a hostage situation and demand the US military’s withdrawal from the Middle East.

I also remember how the pop culture immediately spun it into a story of a wgute Christian anti-LGBT bigot who was motivated by Trump to kill gays.

I documented this.

At the time I supported the idea of gun rights for the gay community and things like Operation Blazing Sword.

Six years later, watching armed Antifa defend drag shows for kids, the same politicians and talking heads spin the sane bullshit story, in this case a crazy guy with apparently no rational motive is a Right wing terrorist motivated by Trump returning to Twitter, and a narrative that if I disagree with child genital mutilation, I’m as “stochastic terrorist” abetting this attack; I have come to one conclusion, these people are my enemy and I to not care about what casualties happen to them.

There is no point in trying to explain things like how this guy pulled a felony bomb hoax, was arrested but not charged, which prevented him from becoming a prohibited person or being caught by Colorado’s red flag laws.  They will push for gun control regardless.

I supported the LGBT community having the right to self defense after Pulse and these people used that event to attack my values and my rights.

I have no common nationality with these people.

The philosophical balkanization is complete.

Fuck ’em.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “What six years of politics has dine to me”
  1. I can dig that.

    OTOH, there are people in the QWERTY communities (they are hardly of one voice) that also oppose such activities.

    I am willing to teach said people.

  2. “I have come to one conclusion, these people are my enemy and I to not care about what casualties happen to them.”

    It took you long enough to face the fact that the left wants you, me, ours DEAD. They don’t care what lie they have to tell or action to take to accomplish it, either. Wake up, normal America is in a fight to the death with the fascist left. There is no compromise possible with evil.

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