I went over to Everytown’s Facebook page looking for fodder to write about, thinking I’d cover the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting.

Everytown made a post about Love is Love, a comic/graphic novel about the Pulse Nightclub shooting.

The article from HuffPo about Love is Love starts with the most bullshit sentence I’ve read this year.  We’re only 8 days into 2017 and I don’t know how the media is going to top this.

There’s no real answer as to why someone would walk into a gay nightclub and viciously slaughter 49 innocent people. 

What.  The.  Fuck!?!

We know why Omar Mir Seddique Mateen shot up the Pulse Nightclub.  He pledged allegiance to ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  ISIS took responsibility for the attack.  ISIS had been publicly calling for attacks against soft targets in the West prior to the attack.  Police and the DOJ came to the conclusion that the attack had little to do with homophobia and everything to do with Islamic inspired terrorism.

From there, the article got worse.  Seriously.  This is picture straight from the comic.  

Holy ideological blindness Batman!!!  Let’s break down this fucking atrocity.  These three writers are saying that the Pulse shooting was the backlash against gay love.

Who do they blame?


A cross?  They show a CROSS!?!  This was ISLAMIC TERRORISM and they show a picture of a cross?

Politicians and Governments:

A man in a suit standing in front of the American flag (you know he’s supposed to be a Republican) next to the USA front and center.  The same USA which passed marriage equality a year before the Pulse shooting?  Why not show Iran, the world’s leader in state sponsored Islamic terrorism.  The same type of Islamic terrorism that claimed responsibility for the Pulse shooting.

Scared little men:

Oh, gee.   A picture of an AR.  This is a PG rated gun owner dick joke, don’t kid yourself.  This is just petty.

This can’t get any worse.  It just can’t.

Yes, it can.  

Apparently the Pulse shooting was so bad that it caused Deathstroke, the super villain assassin, to give up his guns.  I guess the message is that any American who keeps his guns after Pulse is worse than a super villain who let his own family get murdered and took out the Justice League single handed.

What utter completely fucking bullshit this comic, and all the praise surrounding it, is.  We know who the Pulse shooter was and why he carried it out.  We know that the nightclub was a soft target, attacked by a radical Muslim, inspired by a radical Islamic organization, to shock the conscience of the West.

This attack was no different in motivation than 9/11.

This comic wants us to forget all that.

Apparently IDW Publishing and DC Comics wants everybody to believe that the Pulse shooting was carried out by a straight, white, Christian man with a tiny dick and an NRA membership, who was enraged by the sight of two men kissing.

This is an act of unbelievable disinformation.  Rewriting the entire story of the Pulse shooting to fit a narrative in which law abiding, conservative gun owners are the enemy and fanatical Muslims aren’t.

This is as bad, as wrong, as bigoted as the idea that the Jews were responsible for 9/11. Except that this lie is being sold my a major media publisher.

This is evil, and Everytown supports it.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Pulse, Lies, and Slander”
  1. J. Kb. you are not understanding something: The artists are pretty much cowards and Christians ar pretty safe to attack as they have almost no history of violent attacks. It seems we respect that thing called freedom of expression. Here is a very juicy example: The cover Charlie Hebdo on the first anniversary of the attack on their offices and murder of its artists.

    The Christian representation of God with bloody hand, no less.

    Drawing Muhammad makes people shit in their panties:

    One of Charlie Hebdo’s most outspoken journalists has said she is leaving the French satirical magazine because it has gone soft on Islamic extremism.

    Zineb El Rhazoui accused the weekly of bowing to Islamic extremists and no longer daring to draw the prophet Muhammad.

    1. Same with Comedy Central censoring South Park’s Mohammad episodes (for many years now) but letting dumbshits like Trevor Noah spout off the same lying Pulse narrative as represented above. Cowards indeed.

  2. Anybody else finds hilarious that Deathstroke instead of turning the guns in for destruction or properly disposing of them, he just dumps them in an alley where anybody (including kids) can find them?
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  3. When your lie’s are in ink and published , you open the door to liability , put your billon dollar cash cow business on the line and prove it. me thinks the only reason you lied the little scared writers and publishers at IDW publishing / DC comic’s might just remember that omar mir seddique matten pledged allegiance to isis. ie Charlie Hebdo

  4. I’m not a fan of the New 52 comics in general, but Batwoman is one of the worst. I have nothing against LGBT in real life or in entertainment, but it feels like the only reason Batwoman is around is because she’s a lesbian. Neither her character nor her various story arcs are interesting, she’s just rolled out from time to time to score SJW brownie points.

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