Parents sending their third-grade children back to one Tennessee elementary this school year were greeted with a blanket ban on delicious snacks made from anything originating from a pig.

Sunset Elementary School in Brentwood, Tenn. rescinded the ban on pork just one day after it went into effect because parents complained, reports Fox News Radio.

via Tennessee elementary school lifts fatwa against pork | The Daily Caller.

I know Tennessee is not a famous BBQ locale like Kansas City, but there is a healthy culture of pulled pork, ribs and other swine delicacies that can be had. My first taste of pork sausage happened while living in the Volunteer State and pounds upon pounds of cured ham have been enjoyed by my senses.  To expect that a pork ban would even be considered outside the realm of ingesting alcohol in poisonous levels is absurd.

Then again some people in Brentwood do think their outhouses smell better and look prettier than the rest of the neighboring towns. It is all those Ikea catalogs they use instead of the three seashells.

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