Progressive left/liberals will no doubt take offence about my insinuation that all these Muslim prisoners are paedophile rapists. They may have a point, and I in no way claim all Muslim prisoners are paedophile rapists. Some might simply be representing their community as drug dealers, people-traffickers or terrorists… but one thing we know for sure is that not one of them is a Muslim doctor convicted of carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) despite FGM being a crime both against the law and a crime against humanity.

One hospital alone, Birmingham Heartlands, has dealt with 1,500 cases of FGM over the last five years. On an annual national basis 5,500 FGM victims are cared for by British hospitals. This figure is deemed to be the tip of the iceberg because patients are often patched up by the local Muslim doctor, rather than being referred to hospital where they just might run into an English doctor who might just report the family (or the initial Muslim doctor/mutilator) to the authorities. You won’t be surprised to hear though, that despite these enormous figures being known to the authorities, Britain has yet to see a single conviction. We don’t want to upset community cohesion after all, old chap.

via One Week in the Death of Britain | Gates of Vienna.

First, if you do not follow Gates Of Vienna, do so.

It is not the first time I have warned you that both news and statistics coming from Europe on crime are hopelessly contaminated by politics. Long ago I predicted that Europe was going to face an internal war with all the crap that was coming across their borders and the rise in crime. But what I did not expect was the people simply giving up because they faced both the flood of external criminals and the politically correct forced support by the government. The war happened without a single shot and Europeans lost.

In the article, besides the Muslim examples of “civilization” we get to see the actions of Polish criminals. This is also not new. I have relatives in Spain, literally living in the boondocks that once were places so quiet that the only reason they have doors and windows is because the winters tend to be a mite cold. Now they are barring windows and getting steel-reinforced doors because of marauding bands of Romanians that go from town to town, hamlet to hamlet on a seasonal Home Invasion spree. They are so bold as to attack several houses on the same night, one right after the other. The local constabulary (probably a couple of under-armed cops) know they are no match and simply develop a deaf ear at the incoming calls for help. And yes, you can thank gun control for producing such a veritable crop of easy targets.

But this is not happening here…yet. I’d say we are where Europe was 20 years ago and it is not looking too good. There are compensating factors: one being the heavy amount of weapons in the hands of civilians and the other the growing disrespect we have towards the centralized federal government and even the centralized state government.  More and more we are seeing people telling our leaders to go fuck yourself and twice on Saturdays, which is a healthy attitude to have and a reminder that they derive their fleeting powers due to our temporary consent and not because it was given to them for being descendants of some Sun god.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “What you are not getting from overseas.”
  1. Of the many casualties of WWII, Europe’s cultural self confidence was one of the most significant and longest lasting. Was the holocaust horrible? Yes, of course it was. But the people of Europe have been so beaten down by the memory of the holocaust and African colonialism that they have lost all pride in their nations.

    This has become pathological to the point where they won’t stand up for even the most basic tenants of post-Enlightenment, European culture. The barbarians are through the gates and the people of Europe feel that their downfall is justified because of all the horrible things they have done in history.

    The European media has attacked the German people for being Nazis because a segment of the German population doesn’t think that Germany should become a breeding ground for Islamic extremism. The Muslims of Germany are trying to outlaw the sale and consumption of alcohol in places in Germany. The Germans are HAVING THEIR BEER TAKEN AWAY. And the German people are expected to roll over and take it. I’m Jewish, and even I feel the Germans are entitled to defend their culture without being compared to Nazis.

    The worst part is that the left wing idea that European culture is horrible and racist and the Europeans should just stop defending Western Civilization is spreading here in the US. It needs to stop.

  2. There is a whole undercurrent of problems/crimes/criminals that is NEVER reported in the EU… And I find it interesting how they like to throw rocks at us for OUR standards…

  3. Spent an hour poking around the Vienna site, very interesting!
    Trying to subscribe ,however, was quite an adventure. Tapping the ‘subscribe’ button led me to a paypal acct for Natural Intelligence of Central Virginia. Yeah, I don’t get it either. I’m also just paranoid enough to wonder WTH??
    I have a pic of where I landed if you’d like. Their site, my computer, who knows. I had an email hack attempt fri. (I may have pissed off one too many Feguson protesters)

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