A city ordinance states that failure to return books or library items within 30 days from the due date results in their library card being suspended. If a person fails to respond to the letter of complaint within 10 days of receiving it, it is considered a misdemeanor criminal offense punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Morgan said she did not receive the library’s late notices because they were sent to an old address. The library never called her about the late books, she said.

It wasn’t until she went to renew her driver’s license last month that she was told she had a warrant for a nearly $570 ticket.

Texas mom says she was issued an arrest warrant for her kids’ overdue library books (nbcnews.com)

I almost want to bet this place has an old school speed trap just as revenue-collecting measure.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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3 thoughts on “When a meme becomes a sad reality”
  1. 101 reasons on why it’s not her fault, and 101 ways to avoid the fine. Could you trust her to come in and do public reading at the library if she was unable to return the books. She also blames the library for sending the notices to her old address, when it’s her responsibility to inform the library about change of address.

    1. I will grant you she has responsibility, but a proper punishment would be to ban her from getting books for a period of time. An arrest warrant for failing to pay some mandated government revenue? Fuck no.

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