Bernie Sanders is going to be the Democratic nominee unless he gets Epsteined (fake heart attack) out by the DNC/Clinton Machine.

Here he is being interviewed by 60 Minutes after the Nevada Caucus.

This is a man who still finds a reason to praise Fidel Castro.

This is Cuba today.  This is what Bernie thinks is worth a literacy program.  It’s not just the authoritarianism.  It is the shortages of everything and grinding poverty of most Cubans.

Even if Bernie doesn’t become a Castro like a dictator, his policies will still destroy the economy.  That he has anything good to say about Castro is frightening as hell.



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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “When Bernie tells you who he is, believe him”
  1. Thing is, Bernie is attractive because he is genuine. The other D candidates are mostly all fakers and panderers who go whichever direction they think will let them win*.

    If we start with “We can’t like Trump because Somebody said so,” then who are young Dems going to go for? Someone manifestly phony, or someone who comes across at at least standing firm for something he believes in? (For you, not him, but that’s just a detail, right?)

    That’s actually the same kind of process that got us Trump vs a republican mainstream candidate in ’16.

    John Mauldin had an interesting note on this phenomenon in his newsletter a few weeks ago.

    * Bloomberg, I am coming to think, is a genuine fanatic. He really thinks he does know best for everyone else.

  2. Right. Bernie’s main claim to fame is that he has been consistent about his policy goals for decades.
    With that in mind, consider the fact that he thought the USSR was such a great place that he picked it for his honeymoon. So presumably he still believes the USSR was a great place.
    No wonder Putin approves of his candidacy. After all, Putin also liked the USSR, saying that its collapse was one of the great calamities of recent history.

  3. Crazy old white fart communist cis-gender male Bernie kisses Castro’s rotting dead ass because “Democratic Socialism!” or something.

    Oh yea… this is going to go *swimmingly* with the S. Floriduh cuban community.

    I cannot fathom the insane leaps of logic that progtards go thru to actually believe supporting this old fart commie dbag is a good idea in any way, shape or form. SMH

  4. Bernie won’t be the nominee, Bloomberg will. The Establishment won’t allow it.After all Bloomberg has already bought his way into the debates, has already bought the DNC, has probably already started bribing the superdelegates and has literally bought the State governments of Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, and Nevada. I think I’m missing a couple more. Him literally buying the nomination and then literally buying people‘s votes is not a problem to him.After this election when he becomes the nominee he will have literally purchased democrat party and all blue states. If he becomes president he will literally bought the country. They say Trump will have a campaign war chest of over $2 billion But doesn’t matter when Bloomberg spends that much in a week, every week, for two months straight.The Bloomberg sinking literally $20 billion I was on personal wealth into buying the United States government in the country is an appropriate amount of money for the return on investment

    1. But Bloomberg is no more moderate than Bernie is. The difference is that he flip-flops more than John Kerry.

  5. Every time someone defends a totalitarian dictator, I remember the quotes from liberal apologists in the 30’s about Mussolini, “At least he makes the trains run on time.”

    The best that Bernie can come up with is that Castro had a massive literacy program? Of course, he fails to mention that the only thing the people are allowed to read is government approved propaganda.

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