What happens when Open Carry Idiots clash with the Gaystapo? I am still amazed that the Ultra Visual Gay Community is so Anti Gun. I guess they must pay heed to their liberal masters. The chanting? Not good people, you sound like a bunch of Cult Members about to commit Gastritis by Cyanide.

Watching the first video, I was giving the Open Carry people the benefit of the doubt…that is until the end and I realized that not only they were from the Dumbassery Brigade That Carries Rifles To Be On The Interwebs, but one of them was awarded the Derp Medal First Class for Outstanding Deployment of the Dumb by tying together four AK magazines together.

Gay-K 47 1 Gay-K 47 2 Gay-K 47 3

“Gay-K 47?”

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “When Idiots Collide”
  1. This is one of those situations where I just hate everybody involved.

    I’ve commented on open carry idiocy before, so let me get into the gays.

    First off, homosexuality doesn’t bother me, in an abstract way. I’m not going to get into it myself, but if you want to do it, it’s none of my business. I don’t hate gay people for being gay, and to that matter, I really don’t hate most gay people.

    I freaking loath political gays. Not because they are gay, but because they have tied homosexuality and gay rights to every other morally bankrupt and disgusting left-wing principle.

    “Queers for Palestine.” Seriously? You do realize that the Palestinian Authority arrests “queers” and throws rocks at them until they die? ISIS, which is gaining influence in Palestine, throws “queers” of buildings. Israel has an annual guy pride parade, in which the Israeli military provides security for the “queers” from the Muslims who try to throw rocks at them. But sure, go ahead and support the Islamic terrorists over the Jews because that is the new leftist attitude.

    Gays against guns. Right? Because you complain ceaselessly about gay bashing and anti-gay violence, but the idea of concealed carry and defending yourself is icky. They make guns in pink now, you know. Get a CCW permit, hot glue some freaking rhinestones to your TALO exclusive color Ruger LCP and carry it. Don’t try and disarm me.

    Gays against capitalism/for “economic equality”/income redistribution. That’s your big plan? Because the gay community hasn’t totally excelled at capitalizing on fashion trends, pop culture, hip urban development, and trendy business. Young gays moving into a neighborhood are the first sign of impending economic improvement. They are the tip of the gentrification spear. But now, I have to have the pants taxed off me. Great.

    You’d think that a historically oppressed people would fight for freedom at every turn. But nope. Left wing oppression is the name of the game.

    And everything said about the political gays goes double for the political Jews. Stop giving me the stink eye at Synagogue because I think Obama is about at Jewish as Joseph Goebbels. You may not like me, but when the left sells us out to the radical Muslims, I’ve got the guns to fight back.

  2. As a bisexual gun-owner, I would like to say publicly to all of these idiots: STOP! These people are to gun-rights and gay-rights what Westboro is to the Reformation. Knock it the frak off!

    “Political gays” aren’t all progressive Marxists, I’m a libertarian minarchist and proud member of both the Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud… Both of whom I find tend to be a little too cozy with Establishment GOP’hers, but, he’ll, I tend to regard the official Libertarian Party as too left-leaning.

    1. Ish, hate to break it to you but your are not a political gay. You would be eaten alive by the political gays. I like the term gaystapo, because it does connote the unthinking ruthlessness of that type of “this is what we believe and anybody who doesn’t believe it, and believe it hard enough will be destroyed” attitude.

      I love my cousin, but he was a political gay. A gaystapo. I remember at one time in Miami, there is an issue with public nudity, particularly in the gay section of south beach. The fight was to ban it. Most of the community thought that maybe it was a little much to let grown men walk around wearing nothing but flip-flops and dick rings on the same boardwalk where tourist families with children were vacationing. The gay community of South Beach went nuts. It was apparently an unquestionable part of gay culture to be able to bedazzle your pickle and wave it around in public. Anything less was discriminatory. The “moderate” gays of Miami Beach who backed the ban, wanting to dispel the belief that gays are perverts and child molesters were attacked by the more outspoken members of the gay community for being the gay equivalent to an Oreo. It was madness.

      Being gay and liking politics isn’t being a political gay. Being a ranting gay social justice warrior is. And if you think I’m just picking on the gays, look at how mainstream blacks treat black Republicans or how mainstream Jews treat Jewish Republicans. We’re race traitors and worse.

      1. What you’re seeing is the _exact_ same progressivism uber alles behavior amongst the LGBT community that liberals have spent decades promoting amongst every other community in the country.

        LGBT, black, hispanic, jewish, or whatever. Leftism has throughly corrupted these groups to the point that any disagreement with the leftist agenda is interpreted as an attack on the community itself.

        You’re seeing fascist and communist tactics from these people because they are fascists and communists. I know you’ve seen how vicious the “political blacks” can be when someone like Thomas Sowell or Alfonzo Rachel says something they disagree with; you know how vicious the la raza crowd will be if someone like Ted Cruz gets the nomination; and so it goes.

        The only thing progressives hold to more strongly than their identity politics is their commitment to leftism itself.

          1. Largely establishment papers in the results. Looking for gun bloggers like yourself.

            You’re one of my top visits on a daily basis. Even if you don’t want to write about this, keep up the good work.

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