DENVER – Colorado Democrats on Monday once again shot down Republican attempts to expand access to firearms, in what has become an annual affair in the Legislature.

The Democratic-controlled House State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee – used as a “kill committee” by controlling parties – defeated each of the five bills on 5-4 party-line votes during a more than seven-hour hearing.

The package included:

House Bill 1024, which would have rolled back a 2013 law pushed by Democrats that prohibited high-capacity ammunition magazines of more than 15 rounds.

Source: The Durango Herald 03/07/2016 | Efforts to widen access to firearms killed in Colorado Legislature


This one could have been mostly out of the way last year, but thanks to the efforts of Dudley, his insatiable need to collect funds and gum up the works, did not happen. Now, not only we are not back where we started but took several step backs because the Dems in the legislature are no longer afraid of the Gun vote.


Jesus Rasta Christ, he’s been as effective in screwing up gun rights in Colorado as Michael Bloomberg.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “When you see Dudley Brown, be sure to “thank him”.”
  1. I’ve literally never heard one good thing about Dudley or the NAGR. Not ever. I’ve never heard of NAGR actually doing anything to combat legislation, I’ve never heard of them lobbying, I’ve never heard them mentioned in the news, I’ve never seen Dudley or anyone else give interviews. Nothing. Maybe it’s happening, but I’ll be damned if I can find any information anywhere about it. The only time I ever hear about this guy or his group is when a gun website is warning people not to waste their money supporting them. I can’t understand how other gun owners are so easily duped.

  2. We have a similar bunch here in Iowa. IGO the only “no compromise” gun rights group. They have never, in at least 6 years, gotten one single bill passed. Iowa Firearms Coalition on the other hand, got shall issue passed 6 years ago. As a long time member ( I started when it was Iowa Carry, I got to be at the signing ceremony and shake hands with the Governor. I was a lobbyist for Iowa Carry and was in on a lot of the give and take to get it passed. There was compromise on both sides. These idiots like Dudley don’t understand that their “no compromise” bullshit is and always will be a bill killer.

  3. “President Reagan would go to Congress and ask for certain things. He’d also compromise from time to time. When he’d get a half a loaf, would he say, “Thank you for this wonderful piece of legislation; this is exactly what I wanted”? No. He would say, “Thank you for giving me this half a loaf. Next year, I’ll be back for the other half!”

    I want it all and I want it now, but just as we have given away some of our Second Amendment Rights over the last ninety years, we need to take them back the same way; piece by piece. Raise the mag limits this year, eliminate them next year. Shall issue, Open Carry, Constitutional Carry, step by step, piece by piece.

    (And there are never “blood in the streets!” or “Wild West Shootouts” to be seen.)

  4. OTOH, Reagan’s “compromise” with Teddy Kennedy on immigration and amnesty (“Okay, Ronnie: you declare an amnesty NOW, and support my ‘anchor baby’ law NOW, and we’ll improve border security NEXT YEAR… really, we will! ….sucker”) is one of the reasons we’re in this handbasket right now.

    “Compromise” doesn’t automatically equal “good”.

  5. Taking a no compromise stance is an ineffective stance. Gun rights are being eroded incrementally. They need to be reclaimed incrementally.

    They further hurt gun rights by pulling all stops to primary far right, often extreme candidates in swing districts. Then their candidates lose in the general elections and we can’t get more pro 2A candidates in the legislature.

    RMGO is doing more harm to our gun rights and more, harm chances of restoring a conservative majority to the legislature which is needed to get our 2A rights back.

  6. Miguel, you’re mistaken. There was not anything close to a concerted effort by the dems at compromise last year. 1 dem, who squeaked by in his election made an offhand comment about a compromise. He did not speak for the party & no further discussion by the party followed.

    IF they did offer a 30 round compromise I’d be agin it, as that 30 round limit would almost completely eliminate any possibility of a successful court challenge to the law (one is on appeal now in the 10th circuit, the other viable avenue is still waiting in the wings).

    So no, this isn’t Brown’s fault. It’s Bloombergs, & Kagen’s & Field’s & Hickenloopers & Krieger’s.

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