13 Replies to “When you think about it…”

  1. I had an aquarium that was as cloudy as the tank on the left, and put a couple freshwater clams in it. For the first few days, they were eating like kings, but cleared the water enough there was nothing left for them to eat. It was impressive.

  2. “Remember this when you eat that very expensive plate of a dozen oyster: You are eating the used core of a water filter.”

    If you think about it, you could say the same for that plate of Liver-n-Onions.

  3. I used to love shellfish. I would eat shrimp by the fistful. As I got older the stuff would make me super queasy. I may still like the taste, but I can only eat a bite or two now before feeling like food was a really bad idea.

    I should probably go in and get checked for shellfish allergies.

  4. My father contracted several strains of hepatitis from eating oysters and it ended up killing him with Hepitatic Cirrosis. I won’t touch them.

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