In case you missed it, the Woman’s March added a woman named Zarah Billoo to their board.  She was kicked off the board after only a couple of days after it was revealed that she is a raging, Jew-hating anti-Zionist, who also hates America and has compared the US Army to ISIS, and is just generally a terrible person.  One of the people who rushed to her defense was Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, going so far as to call her ‘sis.’

Between Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tliab, the Woman’s March, and a bunch of other things, it’s clear that antisemitism is alive and well in the Democrat ranks.  So what are the Democrats to do about this?

If you know the Left, the answer is clearly “lie, bullshit, and project.”

Enter The New York Times.  This is an opinion written by two of the dumbest smart Jews in academia.

American Jews and American Muslims Have a Common Antagonist

Oh really?  Who is that exactly?  Let me guess… the Bad Orange Man?

President Trump seeks to drive a wedge between American Jews and the Democratic Party. He claims that the Republican Party is more concerned with protecting Jewish people at home and abroad. He also wants to stoke tensions between American Jews and American Muslims. He loves to attack the Democratic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, among others, as anti-Semitic because of their positions on United States policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It’s amazing just how often flagrant anti-Semitism.  Even endorsing people who advocate for terrorism, the destruction of Israel, and the genocide of the Jewish people is considered “positions on United States policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” when the individual in question is a Democrat.

Our survey research, however, indicates that the biggest threat to the rights of the Jewish people comes from homegrown American nativists. These people dislike all manner of groups they view as foreign to this country and our research shows that they are even more vehemently opposed to Muslims than they are to Jews.American Jews and American Muslims thus have a common adversary who are to be found, for the most part, among Mr. Trump’s most committed supporters.

I’ll give these guys that the last two violent attacks on Jews in the US were from white nationalists, but neither of those guys were Trump supporters.  The Tree of Life shooter said that Trump was a sellout to Jewish interests.

But I didn’t forget about the Seattle Jewish Federation shooting, the Ohio mass stabbing at a Nazareth Israeli Restaurant, the firebombing of a Synagogue in Riverdale, the Temple Beth El arson, beatings of Jews in New York, etc.

It seems that Jews are getting it bad from both radical Islam and white supremacism, but we’re supposed to ignore the violence from radical Islam because Orange Man Bad.

To find out, we ran a statistical analysis predicting respondents’ views on the importance of protecting Jewish rights as a function of being a Republican or a Democrat. We then added a number of other factors including age, financial worry, religious identity and education level.

The results are the precise opposite of Mr. Trump’s implied prediction. The more strongly respondents identify with the Republican Party, the more negatively inclined they were toward the rights of Jews, both at home and abroad. Non-Jewish, strongly committed Republicans rated the importance of the rights of American Jews 12 percent lower than non-Jewish, strongly-committed Democrats. They also rated the importance of the rights of overseas Jews 16 percent lower.

Really?  Because the Democrats have totally ignored and the attacks on Jews in New York City, by predominately young black men.  The Democrats also booed Israel and the Left has banned Israeli flags from the Dyke March and Woman’s March.  So I find this poll hard to believe.

Second, despite understandable tensions between American Jews and American Muslims over Middle East policy, both communities face the same domestic detractors.

Like should the Jews even have the right to live or should they be driven into the sea?  Why do they always ignore that “policy” for Palestinians usually takes the form of wiping out the Jews?

American nativists dislike them both and believe that Jewish and Muslim rights are relatively unimportant.

As the debate over Ms. Omar, Ms. Tlaib, the Jewish community and President Trump percolates, keep in mind that Jews and Muslims have a common antagonist: Trump-supporting nativists. It would be better for American Jews and American Muslims to work together against this shared local threat than to snipe at one another over policy disagreements about the Middle East.

That’s right Jews, be useful idiots for the Muslims.  As soon as Bad Orange Man is defeated, the Muslims will wipe you out.  But at least Bad Orange Man is gone.

Yesterday I saw this written by Daniel Greenfield.

They Won’t Stand Up to Rep. Omar, But They’ll Call Trump an Anti-Semite
The pathetic dishonesty of Jewish Democrats.

Yep, that’s 100% true.

After Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic comments, her fellow House Democrats refused to put forward a resolution condemning her hateful views. Instead they voted on a generic resolution against hate.

It was a pathetic show.

Now there’s a new disgusting low after the Jewish Democratic Council of America released what it calls an “interactive timeline of anti-Semitism since the 2016 election” which it tries to attribute to Trump.

Included on that timeline is an item which reads, “23 Republicans voted against a resolution denouncing anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry.”

The illustration, misleadingly, features Neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, rather than Rep. Omar.

I would have voted against it too.  The Left is very experienced at turning the sins of one of their members into a generic bit of pablum.  Justin Trudeau got caught in blackface, rather than engage in a mia culpa, he decided that all of Canada needed a learning experience.  No, it was his racist act.

Rather than condemn Omar, the Democrats watered the resolution down like homeopathic medicine.  Diluted into uselessness.

The JDCA’s “interactive timeline” claims that “card-carrying Nazis, Holocaust deniers, a proud white supremacists (sic) ran for Congress as Republicans, many of whom were ardent supporters of Donald Trump.” The JDCA doesn’t go to the trouble of actually listing any such people or incidents.

The timeline features a photo of Arthur Jones, a Neo-Nazi who ran for Congress in Illinois. And lost.

Jones also called President Trump a “Jew-loving fool” who “surrounded himself with hordes of Jews.”

That’s the JDCA’s idea of “ardent” support.

I covered Jones before.  He received no support and much condemnation from the Illinois or National Republican Party.  The most support he got was from the Chicago Democrat Machine so they could use him as a brickbat to beat the GOP.

Unlike Omar, Jones was condemned across the Republican spectrum. Republicans had previously attempted to keep him off the ballot. There was no question of any Republican support for Jones.

Like, I said.

The JDCA urges Jews to fight anti-Semitism by supporting a variety of action items from illegal migration to gun control to Muslim immigration to supporting ObamaCare to fighting global warming to impeaching Trump. These are Democrat priorities that have nothing to do with fighting anti-Semitism.

It’s amazing that no matter what the issue is, the solution the Democrats put forward is always the same?  More gun control, more taxes, more government in your life.

After assembling its list of lies and smears, the JDCA can’t come up with one single action item for fighting anti-Semitism. Not one. Never mind anything about Israel or anything involving Jews.

The JDCA can’t stand up for Jews. It won’t fight Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitism. But it will bash Republicans.

That’s not fighting anti-Semitism. That’s being a useful idiot for anti-Semites.

The Left and the Democrats do not like Jews, especially proud Zionist Jews.  They have made the abundantly clear.  But they still need the Jewish vote and Jewish donations, so they are willing to like and obfuscate to make it seems like Trump is an anti-Semite and Omar, Tlaib, and the rest of the squad are just having disagreements over minor policy details.

Honestly, I do not believe that Trump is an anti-Semite.  Not the guy with the favored Jewish daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren.  Not the President who has been a better supporter of Israel than almost any other President since Israel’s founding.

He may put his foot in his mouth and say something that could be a borderline dog-whistle, but he does that a lot on a wide range of topics.  He is an inelegant president tries for populist appeal and that sometimes gets his mouth (and Twitter feed) in trouble.  But fundamentally, I do not think he is an anti-Semite.

Tlaib and Omar are dyed in the wool Jew-haters who always seem to be joined at the hip to radicals who advocate for terrorism and the mass murder of Jews.

If I have to choose, I’m choosing Trump.

Partisan Democrat Jews want the rest of the Jewish community to not believe their eyes and ears and instead believe that Tlaib and Omar are better compatriots than Trump.

They must be scared that more Jews are starting to Walk Away the Democrat’s anti-Semitism gets bolder.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Who are you going to believe, a bunch of partisan hack Jews, our your lying eyes?”
  1. So it’s okay for one Jew to all but say that other Jews are being “disloyal”, but trump uses it in a throwaway tweet and you have a kvetching fit? Is it y’alls N-word?

    1. I agreed with Trump on that. It’s not our N-word. It’s partisan. If a Republican says Jews are disloyal, regardless to who, it’s anti Semitic. If a Democrat says it, it’s cause for a thousand OpEds as to why it’s not anti Semitic and something something policy.

      What it really is, is the Dems believe in loyalty to the Dems only and that requires Jews to sacrifice themselves to the Left.

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