Looks like we’re going to war with Canada, boys!



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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Who had the South Park movie as reality in 2022 on their bingo card”
  1. Lol, it’s a logistical nightmare for Americans to even enter Canada right now, there’s literally a 0% chance what he’s saying is true, and everyone knows it.

    1. The occupants of the ‘interior lands’ are a LOT tougher than the soyboi wimps in the cities of Canada.

      Piss them off at your own peril…

  2. Way more French spoken by the truckers than I’ve heard from American truckers. I’ve only heard English and German from US truckers, in fact. And they’re singing “O, Canada”, which no one outside Canada cares enough about to know.

    1. I’m from Michigan, most hockey fans know the entire English version of the song and enough of the French version to at least muddle through.

      To be honest, I’ve always thought that ‘O Canada’ was a better anthem than ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ with its nineteen different tones… it’s a notoriously difficult song for professional performers to sing, which makes it really hard for unskilled crowds of amateurs.

    1. The American in me wants revenge for them burning DC in the War of 1812.

      The Cuban in me wants to take out a Castro for what his dad did in the Cuban Revolution.

      The Pinochetest in me wants to yeet Communists.

      So a war against the Canadian Communist bastard son of Castro?

      Sign me up!

  3. Wait… has Trudeau checked how well armed and supplied Americans are? Not the military or police — the citizens. Having 90% of Canada’s population within a day’s march of the US border cuts both ways…

  4. Drop a few dozen Green Beret Special Forces A teams into rural Alberta, Sasketchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. Make sure the Quebec teams are fluent Francophones. Actually you don’t need to parachute them in. Drive the trucks across the border “sterile” while the team walks across the border elsewhere with the good stuff. /sarc

    Actually the truckers and Farmers are already well organized. 300 Horsemen and women showed up all at once at Coutts AB Border Crossing last Saturday. Three Hundred (300) people, on horses, in the middle of Winter, at the exact same time. That takes planning, coordination, and determination. “Hi! We are here! Didn’t Expect us, did you? We are just going to mosey down to Coutts and back.”

    The Ontario Police are planning to arrest and clear out the folks at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor Ontario, and reopen it tonight. We will know more on Saturday Morning. Pray for the Freedom Truckers. Pray for Canada.

  5. In Ottawa Tonight:
    PM Trudeau tells you to leave!
    Premier Ford tells you to leave!
    Mayor Watson tells you to leave.
    The Ottawa Police tell you to leave!
    What do the Freedom Protesters do? Mickey Rooney says, “I know kids! Let’s have a Show!”
    They built a Stage. They have a Sound system. They have Video Screens. In the middle of Ottawa, in the middle of Winter.
    Freedom truckers, Peaceful, Non-Violent, and you damned well know the smiling, laughing fun loving Truckers and their Families are having is driving every Karen, every Commie, and every Politician in Canada absolutely, hysterically, batshit insane. The Canadian Liberal Elites are so angry they are cross-eyed. Do not believe me. Read the replies!

    1. Thats going to be the next Civil War.

      Working Class and Red Staters (or their Canadian equivalent) going all Romanian Christmas while Leftists elites call us names on Social Media and on the TV news.

  6. No problem! We’ll just have a group of Americans show up and spray ketchup all over their fries, and they’ll wet themselves and flee!

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