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9 thoughts on “Who told Lexington PD not to arrest Antifa?”
  1. In most states, police can’t make a warrantless arrest for a misdemeanor that they didn’t witness. If the victim of a misdemeanor battery, for example, signs a complaint and a warrant issues, then they can make arrests. They can also make on-view misdemeanor arrests, but they can’t make arrests based on secondhand information. I think this is what the commenter meant.

  2. Who taught all these Lefties that people can deny consent to be filmed in a public place. Especially at a political rally or demonstration.

    1. Actually he was nice. After telling me there is nothing they can do, I would ask him to go back to HQ and retrieve his ball from the locker and never forget to go on patrol without them

      1. The cop made his point that he couldn’t make an arrest and it was out of his hands.

        At that point I’d of said “good day sir” and tried to go up the chain of command and get on camera why that was policy.

        Whining at the cop just seemed like a petty dick thing to do.

      2. This is a typical tactic when there is a revolution coming. The government effectively deputizes the revolutionaries by looking the other way when they get their violence on. That is how you get death squads. In this way, the government gets rid of troublemakers without getting its hands dirty.

        We are a mag dump away from the Second Civil War. It’s coming. The only question is when. Even the cops are choosing sides. Some lean one way, some lean the other. It looks like this one is going to be the cities versus the country folks.

        1. The cops aren’t choosing political sides. They value their own paychecks, mortgage payments, and kids’ college funds over the rights of “that guy over there who I don’t know.” It’s human nature, completely expected, and exactly the same thing we’d do in their position if we’re completely honest with ourselves.

  3. I don’t know how it is in KY (and for that matter, I’m not sure about around here any more as I retired over a decade ago), but in CA an officer could not make an arrest for a misdemeanor that did not occur in his presence. OTOH (in most cases that I’m aware of), the officer advises the victim that they could make a citizen’s arrest (and, of course be civilly liable if wrong) and then take the suspect in custody if a citizen’s arrest is made. Suspect would be identified, booked and/or cited as appropriate.

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