I feel I owe a bit of an explanation to the readers that have been faithful through so many years. So, get ready to be bored to tears.

  1. It has become a chore: I have been having to force myself into coming up with content that is “fresh.” We know everything runs in cycles, and I am just not in the mood to start again to explain stuff I explained every 3 to 5 year all over again.  It is boring and I am no teacher.
  2. It has been a serious financial drain. The missus kinda gave me an idea on what has been spent, even with the good graces of the readers and their donations and we are talking something close to mid to upper four figures through the years. It was my decision to offer content free as in no ads since back when I got started, you either had ad companies determining what went in your blog (which may not be what you think you should be pushing) and then they just quit accepting Gun blogs.  Also, many people thought that if you took an ad by a company, you were less trustworthy because there was a financial incentive for you not to be truthful or at least disclose fully what you truly thought.
  3. This blog sucks time and lots of it. Not only writing but researching, editing and coming up with stuff. I want to start using my time for other things including some rest. I have been involved for 3 years now in a future project that is related to the Second Amendment and lately I realize I need to make time because of the sudden influx of input I need to deal with. Something has to give and I believe this project will shake and tumble a lot of political misconceptions. I feel that will be more influential that repeating myself for the 1,623th time about the same controversy we have been dealing with since Monica had her dress stained by Bill.
  4. And I need to get out more. Living in South Florida made for everything to be almost as far as I was living in Alaska. Being in Tennessee now at least gives me the possibility to go to places and attend events that would have required lots of time and money to visit. Holy crap! I may get to go to the NRAAM next year in Indianapolis! It is only 5 hours away which in the past it would have meant I only got to Gainsville, Fl.

Will I disappear from the blog? certainly not. The domain name will remain with me till I croak and I will post something or other. As for frequency and content? No idea. Maybe once a week, maybe one big dump of posts once a month. I have not decided yet.

So I am passing the torch to JKb and AWA. They are young and full of vigor and maybe more attuned to the newer generation. I’ll be the grumpy old fuck reading their posts, the comments and shaking my head like old farts are supposed to do. It is going to be their fuck ups (hopefully very few) and triumphs (In the thousands, I wish) with an occasional “WTF were you guys thinking ” commentary.

And to all my readers, you guys have no idea how grateful I am for allowing me to share my thoughts through these many years and the help you provided to keep me afloat. It is humbling to feel such devotion and I hope I was able to help you somehow.

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

BTW, Final date is initially set for July 4th, but then again it may transition before that.

PS: And to answer a comment I saw earlier today, I am NOT pursuing a modeling career. LOL.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

18 thoughts on “Why am I “quitting” the Blog?”
  1. I for one am dang glad I stumbled onto this page. I have enjoyed it immensely. And will continue to do so. Thank you Sir for your time.

  2. I’ve always enjoyed your posts, but you’ve more than earned a break. Don’t be a complete stranger. Also best of luck to both JKB and AWA — both have been doing their parts at keeping this place a regular hangout. I’m looking forward to seeing more of their work.

  3. Thank you Miguel for what you have done and good luck in your next chapter of your life! Always enjoyed reading your posts and did agree with you 99.9% of the time! Semper Fi!

  4. “Future” 2A project. Needs to pass off a time-suck so he has more time for something else. Talks about needing to “get out more”. Spent a lot of time learning how to look good for the camera.

    Miggy’s running for office!

  5. I’ll miss you, for sure. But make no mistake, I absolutely understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, and I’m glad you are able to do it.

  6. Hi Miguel,

    I’m sorry to learn that your presence on GFZ will be less than it has been for a l-o-n-g time!
    Every day when I sit down to my computer, I ALWAYS read each GFZ post FIRST (right after deleting all that I deem unworthy of further attention).
    Thanks for all that you have done in the past.
    Your regular presence WILL be missed, and I’m sure that I am speaking for many who have the same reaction.

    Bill Harrison

  7. Change is a good thing. Especially in these changing times we live in. It means you’re growing mentally and spiritually. I’m happy for you.


  8. (Angry noises lifted from some Bruno Bozzetto short)
    How dare you cut back on the writing we’ve been enjoying for free! You owe it to us, your devoted readers! Rhubarb! Rhubarb!
    Mouse, cookie, you know the rest.
    Have fun with your non-blog life! Maybe one of these years our paths will cross IRL. (I owe Oleg a visit these past two and a half years, but family circumstances currently prevent travel.)

  9. A lot of what you say resonates with me and I bet it resonates with a lot of other bloggers. I’ve only been at it 12 years, not as long as you. GFZ was one of the first I started reading and linked to.
    But it’s still work. I pretty much put up one post a day, and since I gravitated to taking advantage of the news that happens in (or can be seen from) my back yard, it’s refreshing in not going over the same topics over and over and over again. How many times can you say, “it’s not the gun, it’s the psycho” before you just go numb? Unless a blogger just spits out a one or two paragraph reaction to something that happened, it takes time. It’s work.
    The most surprising thing to me is that I find myself seeming to be more concerned about references and getting the facts right than the professional journalists.

  10. “The most surprising thing to me is that I find myself seeming to be more concerned about references and getting the facts right than the professional journalists.”

    I have something about that going on now. It may end in a post in the future.

  11. Much respect Miguel. Your blog is my go to read every afternoon. I appreciate the hell out of all your hard work and will be sticking around for the pay to play blog. Thank you Sir.

  12. Stumbled onto here last year. Will truly miss you. I LOVE your posts. Wising you the best. On the financial aspect that sucks. I will hit the donation. I truly appreciate the service you provide.

  13. I am sad to see you stepping away, but understand it. Your explanation is not boring whatsoever. You are human and have multiple (often competing) needs just like everyone.

    I’m very glad to have been coming here for years and interacted here and via email with you through much of the time. <3

  14. I honestly can’t even recall the first time I stumbled upon your blog or how, its been at least 10 years I think? You are not only the only blog I still come back to every day, but the only one I care to support.

    I honestly don’t know how you basically produced a post every day for the past forever, I would have never made it! Hell I can’t even come up with something interesting to make for dinner on a daily basis!

    Jkb and away have been excellent writers. Enjoy your “retirement” 🙂

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