This is a good example:

Knives are cheap and occupy little space in your pockets. Ties while professional-looking and mandatory in some jobs, they can be used against you and could be mortal. I think the manager may have ended up with serious neck damage on this one. A decent one-handed or assisted opening knife would have solved the situation quickly.

I just got this baby recently:


Boker Plus Kalashnikov. Built more like a T-34 than the AK, it is sharp and comes with a glass breaker, seat belt cutter and oxygen tank valve opener. For South Florida and all the bodies of water next to roadways, I think it is a good choice to have in the car. In my case it would be a triple redundancy but I tend to overdo safety things. 😀



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “Why carry a knife you can open one-handed.”
  1. Or wear a clip-on tie. My Uncle John only wore clip-on ties because he once got his tie caught in a mainframe computer while working on it. No more regular ties after that. He spent 35 years with IBM as a service engineer.

    1. In the restaurant industry clip on or break away (velcro closure in the back) are common in case you get caught in a mixer.

  2. Researching the Automat Kalashnikov 74 doesn’t find this knife. Where did you get it? Are they still available?

  3. I don’t like folding knives ever since the last 3 I’ve had fell apart in my pocket. Fixed-blade or nothing from now-on.

    Surprised nobody ran outside to help. Come up behind the guy, grab his hoodie cord, double-wrap around the neck and it’s all over. Smash his head against the stucco wall or the brick moulding, gouge his eyes while his hands are occupied with attempted murder, plenty of options in a 2v1 match.

    A knife would have been nice, too.

  4. Aside from ‘save your life’ situations, had too many times when one hand was busy and being able to open the pocket knife one-handed was just damned handy to go back.

  5. What’s the “oxygen tank valve opener” for? I mean, obviously for opening oxygen tank valves, but are there emergency tasks that I might anticipate using that in?

    1. Ever see an EMT or a fireman out in public? They tend to wear pants with loads of pockets, because when you’re working on some guy who’s just lost an argument with a semi you don’t want to have to be running back and forth to your ride to find just the right tool. Adding an oxygen tank wrench to something you’re going to be carrying anyway means one less tool to find space for or a backup for if your real tank wrench grows legs.

      For manufacturers, it’s something that can be added to a knife that doesn’t cost you any more money in tooling and can broaden the appeal a little.

      And, if you aren’t an EMT and never see an oxygen tank in your life, it’s a little something extra that costs you nothing ad doesn’t get in your way. But hey, at least you can say you have one.

    2. Hey for me that has to have oxygen 247 I carry one that will open my tank if needed also has belt ripper and glass punch as well as spring loaded comes in handy

  6. I wear suit and tie every day. I usually get away with bow-ties (which don’t face the same safety issues). When necktie is a must, I wear a bar mid-sternum, so at least it stays flat against my body, and more difficult to grab/get caught (or foul my draw).

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