Last night I was able to go to one of our local ranges that offers a Gun & Run match either in pistol or rifle depending on the week.

It was Long Gun Day so I took my Ruger PC 9 which I have shot, but not run under stress (for me and the gun) in order to see how truly bad and rusty I was (been over a decade since I did any “tactical” rifle) and also to see if the gun and gear are truly reliable. The results were both expected and perplexing.

First, sweet Jesus, I am not only old’er’ but with a brain that deluded itself to think I was a much younger and more trained person. On the first stage, my brain and my body were having a spat: while the Gray Matter was shouting “faster! faster!” my Knees and Back were “Would you shut the eff up? This is as good as it gets unless you want to facepalm.” And this is after losing all the weight and doing gym for almost 2 years.  It makes me shudder to think about how worse I would be otherwise.

Now, to the stupid part. One of the lessons of participating in a match is that you are forced to run a course of fire you did not design and therefore not an exercise you subconsciously choose because you are good at it. Enter hubris: The first stage I shot unsupported while I should had known better. I mean, not even a hasty-hasty with the sling as told in Appleseed Project,I just went Hollywood Stupid and the paper showed it. It was my worst and horrifyingly bad, bottom of the barrel score and so bad I ended the worse shooter overall because of it. Lesson learned and for the next two stages I did use the sling properly and was reflected on paper again: I went for the depths of scoring Hades to somewhere below the middle of the pack on each stage.

On the gun & gear side, I had two double feeds out of otherwise reliable and accurate gun. I was slow in recovering at first because it has been so long it took me a too long moment to recall the clearing procedure. Good news, the PC9 is just a joy to have to recover from a double feed. Half the back of my brain is pestering me about the issue being the fault of one of the Magpul Glock 27 rounders while the other pessimistic half is arguing that maybe 27 rounders are not simply too reliable for this gun. I did run the last stage with a Magpul 15 rounder and not a hiccup. I guess I will have to start burning ammo trying to duplicate the malfunction and find a cure, but I did segregate the possibly offending magazine just in case.

Speaking of magazines, by watching other shooters I found out that AR mags, no matter the maker, are not too happy about landing on hard surfaces. Some lost ammo and others had ammo halfway out and one particular magazine which caught one round on the rim by the mag lips and pointing at a 90ish-degree angle (See the re-enacting pic below).  Lesson learned: Be nice to your AR Mags.


And the best part of the match was that I got to shoot among fellow shooters and had fun at it. Even with the issues, I left the range with a smile on my face and even got home before sundown fully relaxed.

I call it Ballistic Therapy and it indeed works.

PS: Murfreesboro desperately need an outdoor range.

PS2: I did double up on ear pro. I don’t have a lot of hearing left, but I would like to keep what I got.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Why competition is important?”
  1. The after market glock pattern mags can be problematic. You also don’t want to keep them layin around loaded as they tend to go SPROING!! And scatter 20 something rounds all over. I have 2 in .45 cal and 4 of the factory 13 rnd . Hopefully I will have time to load the 26 rounders begore I runnout of 13 round mags heh heh.

  2. Aye its very important. Always a good match when you come away with notes. Congrats on getting in to it again!

    As for the mags aye thats why they were supposed to be a disposable component on paper buuuuut then the bean counters got involved and we had to get creative. No sir I have no idea how the truck ran over that 17 year old magazine or how it then got shot on the 100 yard berm…..anyway please sign for a replacement.

    Did you see anyone running a dump pouch for spent mags?

  3. And there is an army if people who will still say “competition will get you killed in a gun fight” as an excuse not to go to the range and embarrass themselves.

  4. Good fun! Glad you got to Dope out your PC-9 (and knees and back) a little bit!! nothing like malfunction drills to open your eyes a bit! Glad you got to do it with friends chuckling instead of a BG trying to bash your skull in… that’s why we practice! Thanks for sharing – that’s inspired me to go burn a few 🙂

  5. Do you run your charging handle left or right? I’ve got mine set up for left handed operation on the theory that I can keep my right hand in the firing position.

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