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15 thoughts on “Why I could not be a therapist”
  1. TDW and I have…well, let’s just say, “several” cats. We are Frequent Flyers @ the vet. Love our cats.

    Still recognize that not a one of them is a child.

    Boundaries, people!

  2. Hey, now. Cats are cats, agreed, but I’ve had a few dogs that are better than most kids. Just found out one kid cross-threaded the spark plug on an aluminum cylinder head on my 50 year old bike. Never had a dog do that. Whiskey and a good dog will help ease the pain a bit, but I’m still disappointed. Anyone got a replacement head for a 73 Honda?

    And yes, once the vet bill hits a little too high, time to (humanely) put ’em down and make another trip to the shelter.

    1. I’ve fixed more than a few of these. Here is the magic AKM 261Pc Thread Repair Kit, HSS Drill Helicoil Repair Kit SAE&Metric,1/4″ 5/16″ 3/8″ 7/16″ 1/2″ M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 Kit

      Only painful thing is you need to pull the head to do it so you don’t metal in the cylinder

      1. I did that to a 69 CB750. Cheated by removing the exhaust pipes, built a rubber adapter out of an inner tube valve stem, set engine to exhaust valve open and blew 120# air in the exhaust while rethreading the head. When completed, blew air into the cylinder from every opening. Worked great, put thousands of more miles on bike without any problems.

  3. I mean. We’ve spent ridiculous amounts of money for vet bills for our guinea pigs. Because we can, and we have a responsibility to keep them happy and healthy to the best of our ability. We bawl like babies (yes, over a rodent) when one of them dies. Our cat swallowed an ear plug when she was a kitten, and that was a two-grand operation we winced over, but paid. This lady (it seems) knowingly took on a special-needs animal and the vet bills it entailed. That’s being a responsible pet owner.

    But we don’t mistake them for children–and I’m not sure this person does either. The therapist’s beef seems to be that she’s lavishing a lot of time and energy and money on a “mere” cat rather than a kid–and so what? Some people are not cut out to be parents, and it’s a good thing that they realize that. Isn’t it?

    No, seriously, who the hell is the therapist to tell this person how to spend their money? My birding hobby could be seen as irrational, and I’ve spent thousands of dollars on it just this year in travel expenses, and the year’s not over (it’s a fowl obsession, what can I say). It’s my money to spend in a manner I see fit, and as long as I’m not bankrupting myself or ending up homeless, it’s none of a therapist’s business to lecture me over it.

  4. Actually, I think the therapist is the real problem here.
    OK, I do not know what this individual said about the cat. Not privy to the sessions, nor do I want to be. But, let’s be serious here, I do not know of anyone, including myself, who has not referred to their pet as their “four legged children” or something similar? And, spending vet dollars to keep your furry buddy alive is not uncommon. Now, if this individual is spending money they do not have for a special needs cat they did not need, and justifying it as “It is my baby.” then they need economic therapy, not mental therapy.
    If this individual sees her cat as her child, what’s the problem? Is it a delusion? Who cares? And, the therapist, if they are treating someone for delusions, should not be so damned blunt. Speaking the truth to the delusional only works on TV.
    What this therapist just did is drive the patient to a different therapist. Stupid business move, stupid move for your patient.

    1. Possibly.

      But here is my take.

      The woman here is child free. That’s more someone who doesn’t have kids. Child free is a movement in which people choose not to have children for political and environmental reasons (humans pollute, humans should stop breeding and die off). Many children free are also selfish in their justification, e.g., “I’ll have so much more money and time to travel the world, etc….” Like almost everything else in Leftism, it’s a vice (selfishness and malthusianism) dresses up as a virtue.

      Child free people can (and often are) nasty to people who do have kids. They have adopted the pejorative from the gay community, calling people with kids “breeders.”

      We had a friend in our friend group who was Child free. Thing were fine until the rest of us married couples started having kids. Then we’d (all of us in the friend group chat) get texts randomly about how much fun they were having out on a weeknight while we were at home changing diapers. Just nasty. I suspect that nastiness was really envy that they made this decision based on politics and were unhappy about it.

      That’s what I suspect here. This woman is Child free but deep down doesn’t want to be. So she has turned her cat into a surrogate Child to deal with her unhappiness. That’s not healthy. That’s psychotic. Either she needs to figure her shit out or, if she’s a child free Leftist that contributes nothing to society, take my aforementioned prescription and save the planet her carbon footprint as well.

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