Miguel covered this girl a little already today.

As I have covered, repeatedly, the Mayor of New York City and the Governor of the state of New York are raging anti-Semites.

They both have put inordinate effort into oppressing the Orthodox Jewish community, sending the NYPD in to raid Synagogues, closing Jewish day schools, going after Jewish clinics that vaccinate the elderly against NY protocols, even chaining and welding the gates of parks and cemeteries in Jewish communities closed.

Just fucking yesterday I posted how Governor Cuomo went into an antisemitic fit over Jews celebrating in Sukkot.

New York has the second highest COVID death rate in America.

New York City, if it were treated on its own, would be first by a wide margin.  Arguably, NYC should be counted separately from the state as it’s somewhat unfair to let NYC dilute the utter disaster they had by mixing their numbers with rural upstate counties with very low COVID rates.

So what we have here is an insane Leftist who claims to be Jewish, who has not made one peep about the Orthodox oppressing, Jew-hating mayor or governor of her home city and state, or their high death rate, but comes to Florida and calls Floridians Nazis, even though they did much better and are being led by a governor that went above and beyond to protect the elderly in the second largest Jewish community in America and didn’t blame the Jews for the virus.

All because Der Furher of New York and Reichsleiter of NYC are Democrats and DeSantis is a Republican.

This girl is garbage and I’m embarrassed she claims to be Jewish.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Why I hate Leftist Jews so much – an update to Miguel’s post”
  1. So for the past year she’s sucked up every drop of DNC fear propaganda about the China Wuhan virus.
    If she were part of my family, I’d ask her to stay home in her garden of eden

  2. Most of the comments seem to be middle aged guys trying to chase her skirt and what is left is spouting talking points you could disprove with a minutes worth of fact checking.

  3. WTF is wrong with leftist woman. Seriously, does this woman actually think those glasses make her look good? Especially with that hat?

    It is as if she is deliberately trying to make herself look the opposite of good. I would say ugly, but that is not the right word.

    I am convinced that leftists hate everything, especially themselves.

  4. “…I’m embarrassed she claims to be Jewish.”

    A lot of people claim to be Jewish. They seem more interested in worshiping the State instead of G-d. Sad.

  5. THIS is a great example of some one who is really really REALLY dumb masquerading as an intelligent person…. these fukkin people will drive you bugfuk if you let them. They have been empowered to stick thier nose where it dont belong… mayb soon somebody will clamp a pair of vice grips on it. Geezus I bet shes fun to hang out with…have to drink lots so I dont put her head in a bowling bag..

  6. She appears to have put her account into protected mode so her virtue signals are only visible to her audience.

    I am shocked. Shocked! Well, not that shocked.

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