From the South Brunswick, New Jersey Police.

So this gut got the right permit to destroy a building he own on his own property, but the police had a problem with how he was doing it.

Deep in my heart I’m a rural redneck.

After years of living in or near farm country in South Dakota, Indiana, and Alabama, if you have a truck and need to do some work on the homestead, you just do it.

A few weeks ago I used a truck and a winch to solve the problem of a dead tree in my front yard.  I know that’s not a building, but same difference.

In half the places I’ve lived, I think the only reason the cops might get on you for taking down your own building on your own property is if you did it with a truck load of tannerite and a rifle.

In New Jersey, I’m going to guess he was probably required to get some guys with the union out there and take it down for the cost of that truck.

Maybe he’ll get a citation for failing to grease the right palms before doing some honest work.

If you want to know why Red rural America hates Blue urban America, it’s because of shit like this.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Why I hate New Jersey (and Blue States in general) – pickup truck edition”
  1. Peak New Jersey or New York – let’s call it peak blue state – was after Hurricane Sandy. Power company workers from around the eastern part of the country left their homes and families and poured into the area to restore power. Yeah, they were getting paid for it, but you know how desperately you want power back after it’s been out a little while; it’s a great thing to have that help.

    The locals ran the volunteer workers out of town for not being from the local union. Out of state utility workers were pelted with eggs and threatened. So the local workers wanted their neighbors to suffer a few days longer so that they could milk all the union overtime pay out of it.

    Talk about s***hole countries. They’ve got nothing on that.

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