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This is the Hitlarian argument: “The minority of Jews are oppressing us and now we’re justified in exterminating them, we’re the majority after all.”

This is the bad side of Christian Nationalism.

This is the attitude that has kept do many Jews out of the Right.

I understand that this is not the opinion of the majority of Christians.

But this Hitlarisn bullshit is why I own guns.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Why I own guns – Naziesque Christian Nationalists”
  1. Ok, im confused. I didn’t know Jewish people “rejected” Christ…can you enlighten me on this please. Sounds like further division to me

    1. Let’s start with this: Jesus was a Jew. There are prophecies in the Old Testament regarding the appearance of a Messiah. Christianity is founded on the belief that Jesus was that Messiah, and that he came to save all of mankind, not just the Jews. Some Jews, and some non-Jews, followed Jesus’s teachings during his lifetime, spread faith in them after his death, and thus we have the birth of Christianity.
      Fast forward a bit, past the part where Christianity was a persecuted religion, to where it’s grown and become a dominant faith across much of Europe … along with all the power and corruption that entails, humans being humans.
      From that perspective it was easy (and probably convenient at times) to paint an intensely personal decision, as attributable to all Jews in aggregate and acting collectively, and made maliciously, and transferrable to the present. Conveniently forgetting among other points that Jesus was a Jew, along with Peter etc. An attitude that persists to this day in certain denominations, to a greater or lesser degree.
      Just my take, anyway, from what I remember from (mumble) years back comparative religion and history classes in high school.

      1. Good memory. I make the argument that a ‘True Christian’ knows that Jesus was a Jewish Man. The Jews don’t dispute this but do dispute He was and is Jehovah come in the flesh. I also make the argument that it is Jehovah God who works in the hearts and minds of man, not man. If God wills it, it will be done. The Jews are Jehovah God’s people and nation and always will be. And the world will be ruled by this God from Jerusalem in the future. Both Jews and Christians believe this point, basically.

    2. Edited to add … It’s perhaps more akin to the “chosen ones” attitude some groups adopt. As in, imposed from within rather than externally.

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