Besides the usual and highly organized election cheating schemes being prepared, there is the self-destruction pattern we are seeing.

I have already stated that I was not planning to vote for Trump. Very early on, I felt that he was directing more (and unnecessarily) attacks to DeSantis than to any Democrat including Biden. If you do not live in Florida, you may be swayed to think by what the MAGA train said that DeSantis is some sort of camouflaged RINO, but I believe Trump felt out staged by how well DeSantis did during COVID and how he had the guts to stand and do the right thing rather than follow what D.C. was telling him to do. Trump hates being out-staged and outsmarted.

But what I am seeing now is that the MAGA Inner Party, or at least they official war dogs are in full fledge attack mode against anybody who did not support Trump from the get-go or has any criticism of him, valid or not. They are basically imposing some sort of purity test for Republicans and those who fail shall be branded Enemies of MAGA and treated accordingly.  Just peruse Laura Loomer’s X/Twitter account and the bile she is spewing. Her friends and acolytes may even be worse.

They are not interested in getting everybody under one political tent, but rather to build a moat for the selected ones. And this is making people rethink their choices when it comes to pressing the lever come November. Will they vote for Biden or whatever last-minute candidate the Dems select? No, but I already know some who simply will not give their vote to Trump either or anybody else. And they do not have to be millions of people overall, but enough thousands in particular locations to ensure losing an electoral vote.

And I believe that is happening.

Fucking great day when you realize you are hated by the Left in general and also by some of those who are supposed to be on your side of the Constitution.

But if nobody hates you, then you are not doing your duty.



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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Why I think Trump may actually lose again.”
  1. I’ve been saying that I don’t trust Trump. His campaign is one of revenge. That’s a central theme to his reelection message. I fear that if he gets elected, he’s going to put his efforts into getting revenge against all the Republicans who he thinks were disloyal or insufficiently supportive of him. He’ll destroy the GOP from the inside like Stalin. After four years, a ruined GOP will have no capacity to opppse the Democrats in 2028, and Gavin Newsom will just step into the presidency, practically unopposed.

    1. Revenge? I don’t beleive so….. How about,,, restoring Justice. How about, bringing the full weight of the DOJ to bear on those who stole the 2020 Election, and those in the DOJ and the high ranking lawgivers of rthe democrap party who covered it up. That is just the tipy-tip of the iceberg of what has to happen in the USA, or it is civil war.

      And mentioning Presdient Trump is the same sentence as Stalin,,,, Shame on you..

      You do know of course, that President Trump was a lifetime democrap, before he gave up hope of your democrap party restoring the USA?.. That is when he changed parties, announced his presidential run. And that is precisely the moment the democrap party, the Propaganda Ministry and their minions in the media outlets began to villify him.

      So,, was Donald Trump always a monster in democrap clothing, or was it when he decided to Make America Great Again the moment he turned evil? If Restoring Justice in the USA and maybe,,, just maybe,, restoring some trust in the US Governemt in the eyes of We the People, and in the eyes of the despots of the world, and the eyes their oppressed citizens, means revenge,, then I say, “Cry havok and let loose the dogs of war.”

      1. “the full weight of the DOJ to bear on those who stole the 2020 Election”

        I believe he and his people will use the DOJ against those who opposed him. ALL of them…

        1. THEY,,, did NOT oppose President Trump. THEY, paid for fake dossiers, withheld things like the hunter Biden laptop, stole the election in a thousand ways, tore down the boder wall and flooded the USA with invaders. They kept the USA locked down for another year and a half over the LIE of covid, injected Billions with a vaccine likely to cause the deaths of Billions before the toll is counted..

          That, is NOT opposition.. That is TREASON. that is proactively destroying free elections and put us on a path to today…

          When President Trump wins again,,, those traitors HAVE to pay for what they did, and what they are trying to do, but have not accomplished yet. Up until to the original post in this thread, and your reply, I seriously thought GFZ supported Justice and Freedom. Justice and freedom have been gone from the USA for 100 years. But the treason has been sped up the last 60.

          When I have watched the lawyers, judges and lawgivers of the USA, work for that time to let monsters walk free.. Let monsters live in prison when any moral society would have put them down like the rabid dogs they are. When I see the cities burn over a bold faced lie and children disappered, raped, killed and WORSE, and the lawyers judges and lawgivers protect one another because they are mostly monsters, Then I know the USA has few chances to be righted short of blood. I do not want blood. I want Liberty and Justice to be the law of the USA again before I take my last mortal breath on this rock. I want to be equal to every other American in the USA before I die.

          President Trump NEEDS to begin arresting traitors January 20, 2025. The fear of swift military tribunals need to put in the hearts of the petty little traitors, as they see major traitors in seats of power hang or be crucified.

          Please straighten out my line of reason if you feel I have eered.

          1. “President Trump NEEDS to begin arresting traitors January 20, 2025. ”

            And since I am one who disagreed with him, will I also be arrested? DeSantis also? How about J.Kb?

            “Please straighten out my line of reason if you feel I have eered.”
            Hmmm lemme see…

            YOU: ” And mentioning Presdient Trump is the same sentence as Stalin,,,, Shame on you.”
            Also YOU: “The fear of swift military tribunals need to put in the hearts of the petty little traitors,”

            Quite Stalinist of you.

            YOU have become THEM.

            Food for thought there, my friend.

  2. I get the dislike, and the concern J.Kb expresses in his reply above.
    What then, if Trump is the Republican candidate, is the alternative? Even if you vote the rest of the ticket, not entering a vote for President means the tally is one vote more weighted towards the Democrat candidate than it otherwise would be. (Or two, if an “ambitious” poll worker helpfully fills it in “correctly” for you.) Given the damage that party is doing to the country, at this point I’d really rather not have another D in the Oval Office.
    Don’t misunderstand – I do not think I’d want to have a beer with Trump. I don’t care for bullies, braggarts or misogynists. For that matter, I thought Steve Jobs was an ass. But as an investor, I want a CEO who first and foremost is effective and has the good of the company at the forefront of his actions. Same as a citizen re President. Now, I have concerns re Trump and that metric as well, and not only because of his age. But still … if the alternative is Big Joe, Hillary. Gavin or Kamala?

    1. “if the alternative is Big Joe, Hillary. Gavin or Kamala?”

      I ain’t voting for them either. And I am tired of having to choose one slightly less shitty candidate than the other.
      I did not vote for DeSantis the first time around because I was sick with the Florida GOP being weak ass. DeSantis made it with barely a 2% margin. He proved himself worthy by his action and I and a shitload of others voted for him the second time. He went from 2% to 20% difference on fucking merits.
      I believe the opposite will happen to Trump come November. I hope he wins, but he better not be counting on my vote. I am done swallowing shit because an R after the name.

  3. As I have done since Carter, I vote for the most conservative, least leftist candidate, which has always been a Republican. I have researched the Electoral College system of electing a president and it is far superior to anything anyone else anywhere in the world, in human history, has come up with.
    Presently this system is under attack. Currently CA, IL, NY, CO, CT, MD, MA, MN, NJ, NM, OR, WA, DE, HI, RI, VT, have all changes their states handling of state electors. These states now will award their state electors to the national popular vote winner, regardless of how the state voted—the NPV winner gets all the electors. So, if no other states join these states before this year’s election, that total electoral votes that will be affected by this system stands at 205 electors. 270 is needed in the Electoral College to declare a winner.
    There are eight additional states which currently have bills to switch the states to the NPV system which have one house in the state congress supporting it. The states are AR(6), AZ(11), ME(4), MI(15), NC(16), NV(6), OK(7). = 65 Elector Votes, which is enough to award the US Presidency to the NPV winner.
    Currently all the democrats have to do is to have an unprecedented percentage of the populations in those 23 states vote democrat and they’ll win by sheer numbers the NPV if the NPV system had the congressional support of enough states to equal 270 electoral college votes. In 2020 there were 240 million eligible voters and 66% of them submitted ballots == 158,427,986 total votes.
    In my opinion, it’s always been the case of ‘voting against the worst candidate’ that determined which candidate to vote for. This is more true today than ever and will even become more true when the NPV system is embraced by enough states to equal 270 electors.
    All Must Vote Against The Leftist.

  4. @Miguel. I too was looking hard at DeSantis, over President Trump..
    Trump since 2020, has said things that were a definative disqualifyer. DeSantis has said them too.
    When did I decide that DeSantis was not the man to risk the USA on? It was when he was asked about how he as President, would handle the gun rights situation in California. His answer was, “I will let California be Califorina.”
    I hope I do not have to elaborate further.

    1. “I will let California be Califorina.”

      Way back then, California was warned about the shitstorm that they were about to face. Rather than fight against the banners, the two “gun rights” groups engaged in petty bullshit. Then they DEMANDED everybody had to help them because “the way California goes, the rest of the country will follow.”
      People eventually stop giving a shit about California. They only have themselves to blame.
      So yes, Let California be California is the motto being followed way before DeSantis said it.
      Fuck ’em.

      1. That has NOTHING to do with the President of the USA upholding Federal laws and Human rights, for the oppressed citizens in the state of California. So, you support a President who will allow oppression in a state that is not yours? I live in that state and I have lived under that oppression for over 30 years. As a mere citizen, I have had no voice in the oppression and the have a cadidate, tell me, he will let the oppression continue, is UNACCEPTABLE.

        1. California is a sovereign state. This is what Californians want. If you don’t want that, then move to America. Your presence in that state is helping the enemy because your taxes are funding it and your count in the census gives them more power in the electoral college and the congress.

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