By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Why I will never live in NYC and I don’t want to go there either”
  1. That was my question too. As far as I can tell that was a drunk/high homeless type person looking for food or things of value and an attempted murder.

    Throwing somebody on the tracks could have caused a third rail to ground through the body, which has killed more than a few people. Or it could have been pushing somebody in front of a train. Or pushing somebody off a 4 ft fall.

    As you have talked about, it doesn’t take much head trauma to kill a person.

  2. But… NYers are tough!

    Right. Tough enough to stand around and watch someone try to commit murder, all the while doing nothing. Tough enough to video it.

    Advice from a recovering former NYer. Don’t go there. Do not visit, do not move. It is an honest to god hell hole.

    1. Yup. Buddy of mine met a gal and moved there. He works real estate. They live just off the edge of the city on LI. He thinks doin ti chi on his front lawn will keep the bad guys away. Only a matter of time. I have uncle and cousins there. They come here.

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