Why Mr. Hogg

Why is this the proudest moment of your life?

I used to live there.  This didn’t do a damn thing to deal with all the gun violence in Chicago, which is overwhelmingly driven by gang violence over drugs.  All this did is annoy the shit out of hundred of thousands of suburban commuters.

I can just imagine what those people were thinking, having been stuck on the Dan Ryan, and it would defiantly have been pro-gun violence directed at the people shutting down the highway.

The next day he followed up with this.


I think it means we’re winning.  Anti-gun activists for a long time ignored Chicago’s gun death statistics.  The Windy City had some of the strictest gun laws in the nation inside of a very strict gun law state.  Still, violence was off the charts.  Chicago is a single party Democrat city in a state dominated by the Democrats in the state legislature.

Chicago was the “we’re not going to talk about how we implemented everything we can think of and stuff only gets worse there” place.  So the only time Chicago was ever mentioned was to blame Indiana or Wisconsin for the gun violence.  The retort to that, of course, is “but Indiana and Wisconsin don’t have Chicago’s level of gun crime, if it were just about the guns, they’d be worse.”

For the NRA, Chicago (and DC, Baltimore, etc.) was an example of how restrictive gun laws don’t really reduce crime, just keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

With the Parkland kids and anti-gun youth protesting “gun violence” in Chicago, you are going to have to address the things the NRA has been talking about for years.

Why are gun laws in Chicago not working?

What is wrong with Chicago that results in 700 murders per year, but as soon as you get 20 miles out into the Suburbs, all of that goes away?

Without a doubt, you are going to bullshit us about gun control and not address the gang violence or murder culture in the city.

This mixture deliberate naivete and chest thumping is almost the gift the keeps on giving, if it were so damn annoying.

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  1. They should of only allowed them one lane, and passed out rotten tomatoes to those held up by their whining. The protest would have ended quickly, and the smarter ones would have been thankful rocks weren’t being passed out.

    1. Remember when the black lives matter kids blocked a highway by chaining themselves together inside barrels in Boston in January?


      I thought the best thing would have been for the police to move them to the shoulder, put up a flashing warning light, and let them sit. A day or two without food and water, outside, in Boston in winter, is harsher than any prison sentence.

    2. The original plan was to arrest them as they walked down the entrance/ exit ramps. The politicians promptly caved. The revised plan by the Illinois State Patrol was to allow them to block two lanes but not the entire road- two lanes were going to remain open.

      The day of the protest, the political hacks chimed in /chickened out and the ISP allowed them to block the entire freaking road. And to top it off, the Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department, “Special Ed” was arm in arm with Father Pfleger at the protest while in uniform.


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