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11 thoughts on “Why the average live expectancy of men is shorter”
  1. I still remember my first job (summer job in high school), where I needed to get to the roof of a factory hall. Did so by a step ladder set on a skid lifted by a fork lift.

    No OSHA inspectors nearby… 🙂

  2. I was on a fishing trip with my well used pickup. Got a flat about 50 miles from civilization. The hydraulic bottle jack that I had wouldn’t lift the truck high enough to change the tire, so I found a suitable rock to place under the jack. It worked, but I wasn’t stupid enough to have anything I valued under the truck while supported by this jury rig. When I got back to town, I immediately bought a Hi-Lyft Jack at the local farm and ranch store.

  3. Retard.

    A friend of my sister’s dad died when the cinderblocks he was using to support the car catastrophically failed.

    That’s one of the first things my old school mechanic neighbor taught me when I was a teenager just getting into cars. I’ve had jack stands and ramps ever since.

  4. I’d be lying if I said I had never done something similar, though I wasn’t under the damn thing.

    Stupid GOV pickup’s jack wouldn’t even reach the frame on asphalt, let alone in the mud in the middle of the woods. Two blocks under it so it wouldn’t sink, and another two on top of it (solid 3″ thick ones). I never took the damn thing out again without a better jack

    1. You’re not supposed to put the jack under the frame. It goes under the axle. That was pure operator error.

  5. Re jacks:

    Some new cars don’t even come with a donut and crappy jack any more. We recently bought a 2019 used car. There is an optional tire reinflator and sealant kit … And the previous owner didn’t bother, so now I need to find one of those. Sigh.

    1. Tesla does that. Sealant kit wouldn’t have helped me; the one time I got a flat it was because the tire was worn right down to the carcass. Seriously bad alignment, not noticed in time — it’s hard to see when the inboard half of the rear tires is wrecked.

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