There are a lot of media Blue Checkmarks who rush to the defense of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

One of them, happens to be a reporter from Alabama, who clearly hates the voters of his own state.

As an Alabama voter, here is why I hate Congresswoman-elect Ocasio-Cortez.

Think about everything we know about the Parkland shooting.

Nikolas Cruz was a known problem student in school.  He was violent and fought with other students.  The school put him in the PROMISE Program so that his violent behavior would not result in disciplinary action that negatively affected the record of the school or the school administrators.

Cruz and his family had more than 40 interactions with the Broward County Sheriffs Office that resulted in no arrests or convictions.

The BSO and FBI were both tipped off that Cruz wanted to shoot up a school, no action was taken to prevent it or act on the tips.

On the day of the shooting, the SRO at the school violated every policy and ran and hid behind a tree.  The other responding BSO deputies hid as well.  The BSO captain on the scene violated policy, formed a perimeter, and prevented Coral Springs PD and FD from entering the school and helping the wounded.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the school lied about Cruz being in the PROMISE Program.  Broward Sheriff Scott Israel said that the SRO hiding didn’t reflect badly on him and he showed “amazing leadership.”  The SRO was allowed to retire with his pension.  The captain was allowed to resign with her pension.  The members of the school board gave the Parkland assistant principal and superintendent an award.

Absolutely nobody was fired.  Nobody can be prosecuted for the gross negligence of allowing this shooting to happen because of qualified immunity.

Take everything I just said, and apply that to your healthcare system.

Imagine going in to see a doctor more than 40 times for a cough.  Being told it’s just a chest cold and given cough medicine.  Then you die of lung cancer that was not diagnosed because doing an x-ray and proper diagnosis is just expensive and time consuming and the budget is stretched thin and there are a lot of patients that need to be seen, and it doesn’t matter how many patients your doctor processes, he gets paid the same.

Your family sues the doctor just to find out that your doctor has qualified immunity and can’t be fired or held accountable no matter how grossly negligent he is.

That is goverment bureaucracy healthcare.

Don’t believe me? How about this from the Clarion Ledger:

VA protects problem employees

It takes more than registering as a sex offender, performing an unnecessary operation that ends in a patient’s death or getting indicted on a charge of killing a patient to keep you from getting hired at — or get you fired from — a Veterans Affairs hospital.

“The VA’s leaders aren’t at all serious about holding problem employees accountable,” said U.S. Rep. Jeff Miller, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. “After all, the VA is a place where egregious employee behavior, such as armed robbery participation and wait-time manipulation, is routinely tolerated. To make matters worse, VA leaders are choosing to ignore a law Congress passed that would help them swiftly fire employees who can’t or won’t do their jobs.”

Or maybe this one from the UK:

Mother-of-three died in agony from Crohn’s disease after doctors said she was ‘imagining most of her pain’

The cause of death was first given as pneumonia, caused by Crohn’s disease.  But a post mortem examination revealed she actually died from multiple organ failure stemming from a perforation to her bowel.

Her husband David told an inquest into her death that doctors at Medway Maritime Hospital said his wife was imagining a lot of her pain.  On one occasion, a nurse threatened that if she did not stop screaming out in pain, she would be discharged, he claims.

Bureaucracies just don’t care about you.

They don’t get paid to.  They get paid no matter what happens, and frankly, you asking them to do work is an inconvenience to them.

Don’t fall for the false dichotomy of arguing that the alternative to single payer Medicare for All is the crap system we have now.  It’s not.

What I am saying is that if you want to think about what Medicare for All will be like, imagine the Broward County School Board and Parkland principal are your hospital administrative staff, Sheriff Scott Israel is your doctor, and School Resource Officer Scot Peterson is your nurse.

Is that what you want?  Just a bunch of inept gold-bricking cowards avoiding hard work and tough decisions until they can run out the clock and get their pensions.

Because I don’t, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does, and that’s why I hate her.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Why this Alabama voter hates AOC”
  1. I always call it “VA For All”.

    I grew up in Holland and my family is still there. My sister (who works at a government research institute) told me about a friend of hers who got a bad case of Lyme disease. (For those who aren’t familiar with that, it can be about as annoying as a cold, or it can cause worse symptoms including severe brain damage.) The friend got antibiotics, the standard treatment. Came back into the doctor’s office a month later saying the problem was still there.
    The answer she got: you got the standard treatment, so it has to be ok now. You’re not getting anything more.

    Another thought about VA For All: when private healthcare is outlawed — as in the UK — who will do innovation? Bureaucrats don’t innovate. Right now, a large fraction of medical innovation (for that matter, innovation across the board) is done in the USA. If that it shut down, medical knowledge will, at best, stagnate at where it is today. Never mind the fact that a whole range of treatments will simply stop because they are judged to be too expensive, or because no government doctors have the ability to perform them. My wife had parathyroid surgery some years ago, at a specialist clinic in Tampa. Great results. But with VA For All, that clinic will be shut down, and the service it offers will vanish.

  2. Don’t forget, if history is any guide, party affiliation will be determine how much, if any, care you receive. Also with new technology, your social(ist) rating score will come into play as in China.

  3. I think iit was George Carlin who said that Government healthcare would have all of the empathy of Social Security combined with the efficiency of the US military.

  4. I do not exactly hate AOC. She is not really the problem.

    The problem is an electorate that allows someone like her to get past a primary, forget win an election. AOC is the symptom. A sufficient number of idiot voters (she won with something like 90+% of the vote) is the real disease.

    It is people that think the government will take care of them, but at the same time want the government to leave them alone. (Healthcare versus stay out of my bedroom) It is the people that think a minimum wage job should pay well enough to support a family of four. It is the people that rack up $100K in student loans for a hyphenated-American studies degree, and then complain that they cannot find a job.

    That is the real problem, and it is those people that I have the most disdain for. AOC is just their poster child.

    1. In defense of those who fell prey to a hyphenated American studies degree.

      Many are hopelessly liberal.

      Many were like me and just wanted to get something, anything for our money and don’t rely on our degrees but other skills we have to be gainfully employed.

      All of us in my generation (millennial) were lied to imo that college was the only route and the way for everyone. College is almost purely a money making Enterprise now that could probably be compared rather unfavorably to various churches.

  5. free gummint health care: I think that I read this quote here, on this blog, for the first time: “Bureaucracy rule #1 is: protect the bureaucracy!”

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