This case came with my alerts for Stand Your Ground, I found interesting and did a bot of digging. If anything, serves as a good example of being wary about what gets published initially and what comes after everybody took a long breath and got the facts.

Same Newspaper website, same case:

This is from March 2014

James Terrance Sopenasky, 29, is charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder, said Assistant Chief Chris Butler.Kenneth Stephen Jackson Jr., 22, of Cedar Trace Drive was driving in the 3300 block of Cancun Drive with two other men when several rounds were fired at the vehicle about 6:30 p.m., Butler said.
Jackson was hit by one of the bullets, and his pickup truck continued down the road striking several mailboxes and a light pole, Butler said. He was found dead in the pickup truck and the two other men were not injured and scattered to get help.

Source: Jacksonville man charged with murder was in dispute with sister’s ex-boyfriend |


And this is from 10/27/2015:

James Terrance Sopenasky, 30, faces a life sentence if he’s convicted of the first-degree murder of 22-year-old Kenneth Stephen Jackson Jr. Sopenasky also is charged with the attempted murders of two friends of Jackson.
Jackson drove to Sopenasky’s house intending to fight him March 25, 2014, after the two men had a confrontation earlier in the day. When he arrived and started walking toward Sopenasky’s house, Sopenasky fired several warning shots in the ground, his lawyer said. When Jackson got back in his car, Sopenasky shot into the car and hit Jackson three times in the back of the head.“Steven Jackson died as he was putting his truck in reverse driving away from this defendant,” said Assistant State Attorney Brian Brady during opening statements.

Source: Jacksonville trial begins for man accused of killing sister’s former boyfriend |

Same basic set up, but different actions taken by both the defendant and the victim. I am not condemning the first reporter because for all we know, he got the info from the cops that might have been as uninformed of the details as he was. But it goes to show that all the facts and evidence needs to come in before we can render a somewhat studied opinion and that is something that the Opposition does not do and gets them burned more often than not.


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    1. Bah, they dance on the tombstones of the deceased anyway, facts or no facts. As far as I can tell, it is based solely on the amount of hypocrisy they feel like displaying at any given time.

  1. The anti’s don’t care if something is true or not,only if they can twist it around to meet their needs.So desperate

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