We have a family rule. Never shoot up all your ammo at the range. I finally got my father to tell me the story that led to that rule.

via Why you should never shoot all your ammo at the range – An NC Gun Blog.

Very good story, a must read. One of those teaching moments that stay embedded in your brain forever.

I have 5 magazines per sidearm. Whenever I go to the range or shoot a match, the two reloads on my belt remain filled with what I call “The Good BBs” A.K.A. Defensive Ammo and placed in my range bag’s side pocket. That means only one mag gets emptied for shooting & practice if I need it. With revolver carry and being the speedloaders so cheap, there are always at least three ready with Good BBs for when I am done for the day.

Remember, an unloaded gun is just an expensive paperweight.

Hat Tip to Say Uncle.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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  1. The Good BBs! (if you didn’t get it, that would be the copper ones 🙂

    I call that my SSP ammo… for Serious Social Purposes.

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