Down here in South Florida, we had our Celebrity Behaving Badly moment. Pablo Lyle, a Mexican telenovela actor on vacation with the family, was involved in a road rage event, knocked somebody out and got arrested for battery. He claimed he was defending his family, posted bail and was let go with permission to return to his country. Last I read, he is in Mexico right now.
(I got the wrong info, he is still here. My apologies) But then there was a twist in the case.

The man he hit, died.

And then, video surfaced of the confrontation.

In what should have not surprised me, the video shows the road rage was not targeted at him but the driver. By the information I had heard on the news, I assumed he was the driver, but that is not correct.

The SUV was not left on park or the brake set, so it starts moving forward. You can see Lyle’s feet and what it seems for him to be doing the effort of trying stop the SUV and failing. The argument between drivers STOPS. The drivers turn around and head to their vehicles. THE CONFRONTATION IS OVER. At that time Lyle comes around the car, addresses his driver and goes AFTER the other driver and knocks him out 5 seconds after the initial confrontation was over.

In my IANAL opinion, Lyle is now facing at least manslaughter. And he is lucky the victim was 63 years old or he would have been automatically upgraded to the next felony charge for crimes against the elderly.

If anyone of us would have done that, we would be told by our lawyers to throw ourselves to the mercy of the court.  But Lyle being in Mexico and with the tradition being that the Mexican courts are notoriously reluctant to extradite citizens to the US and Lyle being a celebrity in his country, I do believe he will not be facing the music.

He has not left the country as I originally read so, he is under house arrest. He was brought to court and prosecutors are asking one million bucks worth of bail, surrendering of his passport, GPS monitor and he signed a waiver of extradition (which truthfully, it ain’t worth the paper is printed on for Mexican courts). His lawyers are arguing it is too much and he is not a flight risk. The judge will make his decision soon, apparently.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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8 thoughts on “Will celebrity status affect this case? (Video) UPDATE”
  1. From what I know about Mexico, if the guy can’t or won’t be extradited, there’s more than one kind of ‘justice’ he might face depending on how far the dead man’s family cares to take it. And ‘celebrity status’ only might increase the cost.

  2. Who?
    Does this guy even have name recognition in the Hispanic community? There are what….4,389,021,532,485,451,359,741,580.72 telenovelas?

    No, I doubt celebrity status will save this guy.

    Status as a hispanic might. And if he is gay, that might help as well.

      1. It’s not the following that’s in question, it’s the thousands of telenovelas.

        Is like saying LeMon Archey would get a free pass. (Had to look up the cast of a soap opera for that one. )

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