They are losers and they attack anyone happy and/or successful because it makes them feel their looserd nature more acutely.

Every time society bends to the will of the woke mob society chooses losing over success.

This is why Trump was right and everything woke turns to shit.

Rebel Wilson should come out and say: “This bitch is a fat loser who is angry because deep down she knows she lacks the will power to lose weight, buy rather than use that anger to motivate herself, she attacks me. She’s a fat lover who deserves nothing but scorn.”

We need to start looking at the Woke and putting them in their place.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Woke people are losers”
  1. YA THINK???? 26% of the population has managed to turn the 74% into splineless pussies It used to be mind your own business. Now if anything offends a small minority of liberal asshats the whole fukkin world has to accommodate them..

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