This Threat is glorious:


I showed my wife this thread and I must agree with her assessment, “the sandwich is not wrong.”

I grew up watching the Discovery Channel and Discovery Science.  Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a brilliant and accomplished astrophysicist.

Unfortunately, he’s a pretty lousy everythingelseicist.

He is what happens when brilliance in one subject goes to one’s head.  His Twitter and social commentary is a bunch of platitudes, most of them about as men’s-room-floor-puddle-of-piss deep as the half-bake thoughts of a freshman Poli-Sci student.

But he’s famous, and he’s on TV, and he makes a lot of money so he has convinced himself that everything he opines on is as brilliant as his astrophysics.

This is no different than actors or athletes or millionaires and billionaires opinion on all sorts of shit.  Just because they are fantastic at catching a ball or reading what someone else wrote or selling a brand of makeup by posting their tits on Instagram or operating a business with unethical monopolistic practices doesn’t mean they have all the answers to all the problems.  But fame and fortune has convinces them that they do.

It’s entertaining to watch Dr. Tyson get cut down by a frozen food Twitter account for his generic and meaningless bromides.

I have not seen Steak-Umms wreck and asshole like that since my college roommate ate a box of freezer burnt Steak-Umms.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Wrecked by a microwavable sandwich”
  1. Any scientist that says science is true, or proves facts does not really understand science.

    Science never says “This is proven”
    Science always says “Prove it.”

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