In total, he was caught with ​14 licensed handguns​; two loaded, licensed shotguns​; one licensed rifle​; approximately 45,000 rounds of ammunition for a variety of weapons​; 225 pounds of smokeless gun powder stored in various containers and open to view​;​ unassembled parts for an AR-10 and AR-15 assault rifles, three high-capacity magazines — one fully loaded with 20 rounds and each capable of holding in excess of ten rounds of .308 caliber ammunition — two Kevlar body armor vests, six Kevlar armor plates, one ammunition press, numerous primers, empty cartridges, and several other devices and components related to weapons ammunition.

Source: Gun nut charged after cops find ‘distrubing’ arsenal near school | New York Post

We are only going with was in the article, but so far and my little knowledge of NY Laws, I don’t see why the guy was charged with anything other than making some police’s and DA’s panties moist with brown emissions due to their own ignorance.

“Alone, the amount of gunpowder discovered was capable of igniting and causing significant damage to not only the defendant’s apartment but to neighboring apartments and the building’s exterior walls, as well as injuring or killing anyone unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity,” Brown said.

That is what I mean. Unless somebody actually goes to the trouble of setting all that powder on fire, it is not going to go off on its own and at the most, what you will have is a pretty good fire and not the earth-shattering explosion D.A. Brown assured it may happen. But I bet all he learned about weapons was on TV or the movies where one pound of Winchester 231 is the equivalent of the Nagasaki bomb.

I am going to keep an eye on this case. Unless there is something else not published, Mr. Shou will either walk free or get something because of the 20 round mags since every frigging firearm was already licensed.

And one more thing:

The arsenal was discovered when officers conducted an administrative pistol licensee review at Shou’s home Monday. The officers spotted the gunpowder and some of the ammunition lying in plain sight.

Can you boys and girls say “F*** Gun registration!’?

Let that be a lesson.


UPDATE: I think we found why he is being charged :


7 (c)Any part, or combination of parts, designed or intended to readily convert a rifle or shotgun into an assault weapon.

A $20 flash suppressor is the same thing as a completed and “shootable” AK 47 for NY purposes.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

15 thoughts on “You call him Gun Nut, I call him Overachiever.”
  1. The magazines are the most non-NYC legal part. AR-15 and probably the AR-10 as well are not NYC legal either. Ammunition is indeed limited, as posted above, so the press and primers might not be compliant as well. Like it or not, this guy was breaking many of the (probably unconstitutional) laws on the books.

    The last part is yet another reason never to possess, ever, in NYC, unless you are planning on going to the high court if you get caught doing so illegally, or like having all your stuff inspected if you register.

  2. What I’m seeing here is stupidity on the part of the owner. He had his ducks in a row for the assembled guns. All licensed and all checked out by the SS in NYC. However, he didn’t stow and clean up the assorted illegal goods when they came over for an inspection. Even if it were a surprise inspection I’d be asking for a warrant before I let them on the premises. Now do I agree with those laws? Hell no. In most of the rest of the country, this guy would be nothing more than “some guy who loves guns”.

  3. NYC law forbids possession of a rifle magazine that can hold more than 5 rounds. NYS law forbids the possession of any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds.

  4. Miguel,

    On page 7/13 on the NYC rifle permit form in the above link, you can see what they spell out as an “assault weapon”. Given the intense description that they’ve laid out, I assume they would try to classify any AR component as “assault” if they felt like it. This is quite possibly the most gun unfriendly place in the entire country, except for perhaps Chicago.

    1. Any part, or combination of parts, designed or intended to readily convert a rifle or shotgun into an
      assault weapon.

      Dear Jesus Nailed at the Cross! A frigging flash suppressor is an assault weapon?

  5. This illustrates how unf—ing believably far we have come from the “land of the free! Pistol inspection? Gimme a break!

  6. NY sounds like a terrible place to live.He was not hurting anyone why don’t they go after the ones that are.Oh that’s right they are scared of them or get paid by them.

  7. …and then they say, “Why won’t you compromise with us on gun safety? Nobody wants to take your guns away, we swear…”

  8. So a pistol grip is in itself an “assault weapon”. I wonder if they count the grips on his registered pistols as “assault weapons”.

  9. CT has a similar law where parts are considered assault weapons parts and thus illegal. The definition is broad enough that even a spare hammer without the auto sear finger/hook/notch for your ar15 or an upoer if you dont even own a lower would qualify by my reading. Given NY and CT laws borrow from each other I wouldn’t be surprised is the NY laws were the same. I have yet to read about the assault weapons parts applied to anyone in CT though.

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