In an IBS 600-yard Benchrest match today at the Piedmont range (Rutherfordton, NC), Forum member Rodney Wagner shot a 0.349″ five-shot group at 600 yards.

via Amazing! Wagner Shoots 0.349″ (50-2X) Group at 600 Yards « Daily Bulletin.

That is pretty much millisecond of angle. I am happy if I shoot week of angle at 100 yards.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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8 thoughts on “You can call this HOLY CRAP accuracy.”
  1. Yeah, that’s not too bad. Of course he’s got that one “flyer” not touching the rest, to the upper left of the group. Plus the whole group is right of the X. Needs more practice. 😛

      1. I just wish there were some place around here we could shoot at 600yds. The only official ranges around here are 100yds. And the open spaces, where as a youngster, I used to shoot out to 250-300yds are long gone. All the areas in which I grew up shooting, fishing, hunting small game, and riding dirtbikes, now have houses on them.

  2. Only gun I have that I can even come close to that accuracy with shoots bullets bigger than that entire grouping.

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