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6 thoughts on “You can’t do that with an AR!: AK Shooting Black Powder.”
  1. .223 is too damn small to work. If it did work, the barrel would foul out. Unfortunately, real black might not have the umph to cycle the bolt. You’d either be mixing duplex loads of black, or tuning the buffer spring.

    About a year ago I tried some .223 loaded up with Triple Seven FFFg which is 15% hotter than real black in the same grade. Didn’t fully cycle the bolt. AR was a 15 round bolt rifle.

      1. I got about 35grains or so of 777 in the case, AR was a Colt Match Rifle. I’ve read posts by someone who claims to have gotten their AR to run, but it fouled out. Both gas tube and barrel.

  2. There is a new black powder called Blackhorn 209 that I’ve been using in my Shiloh Sharps 45-110 (2& 7/8). It is clean burning, can be cleaned with regular gun solvent instead of soap and water. It is shaped into tiny cylinders, a bit like the “stick” shaped rifle powders.

    My Bushmaster M4 is a piston system now, with the Adams Arms piston kit. When I am in a position to set up my reloading equipment again (between homes at the moment), I’ll have to try some of the Blackhorn 209 in my M4.

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