Some poor guy, his dogs, and maybe his kids, are going to get killed in a raid by the ATF because he bought several cases of Kools and were selling packs for cash out of his garage.

But tell me again how Black Lives Matter.


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By J. Kb

16 thoughts on “You know it’s going to happen”
  1. I can’t think of any way to screw your top constituency harder than to banish their smokes.

    All the trouble in the world, and this is what these loons are focused on.

  2. Seriously… WTF? Some unelected spreadsheet jockey determines that menthol cigarettes are sold more often to blacks than whites, so they need to ban it?

    And, people think the Government should be in control of healthcare? They will likely ban the use of epoetin alfa because it is prescribed mostly to blacks.

    1. It’s a familiar pattern for Democrats: tell blacks they can’t have guns, smoke marihuana, smoke menthol cigarettes, etc.

    2. Could not figure out why this bothered me as much as it does. Then it hit me.

      Who is forcing blacks /minorities to buy menthol cigarettes? Where is the white supremacist coalition that is controlling POCs in this manner? OK, so maybe ads are targeted at a particular audience. How is this different than any other product?

      What problem are they solving here? From my perspective, none. But, the petty tyrants on the left feel like they need to take care of you, for you, on your behalf. And that will justify any number of injustices, because, it is for your own good.

      1. The problem you’re having, CBMMTTek is that you’ve fallen for the racist trap of thinking that African-Americans are independent, individual, human beings who are fully capable of making their own choices.

        If you were anti-racist and woke, you’d understand that BIPOC have no agency whatsoever. Therefore the federal government (and university facility) need to step in and make these decisions for them.

        1. Notice that the Democrat’s attitude towards blacks is exactly the same as their attitude towards dangerous wild animals? A few decades ago, their attitude was that both were dangerous wild beast to be contained and subdued by force, lest they run wild and hurt people.

          Now, the Democrat attitude is that they are dangerous wild beast to be conserved and carefully husbanded by professional experts, carefully allowed run wild and hurt people as part of their natural behavior.

          1. To put it very slightly differently, the attitude of the Democratic party is the same as it was in 1840.

        2. Wait a second here Ish, just want one darned second.

          Are you telling me that BIPOCs are not equal? That they do not have the same freedom to choose as I, a white man does? That for some reason, I was granted, by my creator, free will to choose what flavor of cigarette I want to smoke, but blacks and hispanics are not imbued with the same quality?

          Wouldn’t that mean that I am superior to those without free will? And, because I am superior (because of the free will), it is NOT white supremacism to think blacks are inferior? It is simply a statement of fact, no different that stating I am superior to a spruce tree, a spider, or athlete’s foot fungus.

          Thanks, for some reason, I was agreeing with the leftists there. Thinking that for some reason, blacks and hispanics were created equal.

          (End sarc.)

  3. This, like most progressive talking points, is animal husbandry. You are the property of the collective, and your value to the collective will be preserved regardless of your opinions.

    My dogs don’t get to choose the flavor of their kibble, either.

  4. I work part-time, two or three days a week, at the 7-11 a few blocks from my house. It’s fairly simple work, it lets me interact with my whole neighborhood on a regular basis, and it puts a couple hundred bucks extra in my pocket every week.

    The owner is a really great guy to work for, firm but fair, attentive to the needs of the store and his workers, hands on but not micromanage-y… He’s well liked by all his current and former employees and gets along great with everyone in the neighborhood. Also, in grand stereotype tradition, he’s a Muslim immigrant.

    With the exception of myself (Polish Jew / Scots-Irish Catholic European Mutt) and the graveyard shift guy (an immigrant from Yemen), everyone else who works there is African-American. As the store is located right smack in the middle of Portland’s historic “black neighborhood” so are slightly more than half of our regular customers.

    The three best selling items in our store, by volume, are menthol cigarettes, craft beer, and coffee. In that order. Non-menthol cigarettes aren’t even in the top five.

    The store is approximately one mile up the road from Portland Police Bureau North Precinct, which has been one of the three main epicenters for rioting over the past five years (I should know, I live less than three hundred feet from it) and has been totally spared of any unpleasantness by the rioting groups. No looting, no broken windows, no angry crowds… Not even any graffiti. Heck, they regularly march past the store en route to the North Precinct and members of the crowd will stop in to buy snacks (Social Justice brought to you by Doritos™️!)

    If the federal government makes menthol cigarettes illegal, I guarantee you that our store will be broken into and looted. 100% Guarantee.

      1. I’ve tried my hand at blogging in the past, a friend of mine partnered up with me and we both wrote for about a year and a half… We had a decent amount of traffic for a while (Tam linked to us from her blog!) but she got a promotion at work and I just got distracted by Real Life stuff.

        I just don’t have the mental fortitude to commit to posting something interesting every day.

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