And then this:

This was in Oakland, I believe the most dangerous location in California. The Mayor is a lefty SJW weakling that has the police hands tied to the back and the gangs have taken over pretty much whatever they did not own already in the streets. Seeing gang members OC is not uncommon and shows the level of IDGAF they have for what passed for Law and Order down there. Antifa is officially supporting this gangs with their actions because it is convenient for them politically and if minorities need to get hurt in the process: Eggs & omelets as Tovarisch Stalin mentioned once.

I give the demonstrators a lot of points for patience. These idiots should have been dumped in the water unceremoniously, preferably with a car battery attached to their necks.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on ““You poor deluded Black Folks, we are White, we are Antifa and know better.””
  1. During the George Floyd Drug Overdose Celebrations last year, the black Lies movement had a lot of Democrat Fascist Strom Troopers amongst them. I wonder how violent the celebrations would have been if the DFST wasn’t involved.
    Yes, black Lies, it is up to you to police (irony intended) your own celebrations and you are responsible for other’s actions if you don’t.
    Kudos to Oakland for figuring that out

  2. Hey, no angry cybernetic gnomes? Does this mean the new digs have internet access now?

  3. Can’t make a damned decision, those folks. Like what sex to be today or what pronoun they demand to be referred to by.

    Curiously, they are terminally opinionated and unafraid to project violence on helpless innocents and or property…public or private.

    I hear the voices calling for reckoning. What I see though is mostly folks who are dismayed and distraught but unwilling to take action. Any action. Like at a minimum, voting against the public office holding socialist/communist plicks who enable our peacefully protesting pinheads to perpetrate and perpetuate their poison. At a maximum, I forsee folks taking the law into their own hands. The old timers had a word for that.

    R is for righteous.
    J is for justice.
    F is for fail.
    V is for vigilante.

    Folks know right from wrong. Folks expect government to keep them safe. Good folks will only take so much.


  4. Not just Oakland.

    In Minneapolis, the mostly pasty faced radicals running Antifa are pissed at the Black Citizen Organizations that actually work with the Black Citizens and the city and police to defuse problems and make life better for poor working class Black, White and Minorities in Minneapolis.

    An example was AGAPE patrolling George Floyd Square when the city removed the barriers and opened the streets to traffic again. The mostly white, mostly over educated radicals are pissed that AGAPE kept the peace. Antifa and Black Bloc wanted the police there instead, so they could attack the police and stir up trouble. They don’t want peace, they don’t want “justice,” they want to destroy society and therefore bring the Glorious Communist Revolution! Hopefully more Blacks are starting to realize their aspirations are not a cause for justice, they are an expendable tool of the pasty white Communist Radicals.

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