In case you missed the story:

A white nurse who is 6-months pregnant rented an e-bikr from an automated kiosk.  A group of five black men grabbed her and her bike and shoved it back into the kiosk, effectively canceling her rental.  Then they rented that bike and tried to take it out from under her.

She resisted and called for help.  The men rrecorded her calling for help and the video went viral.

The claim is that the pregnant white nurse was trying to steal the bike from the five black men.

Receipts prove her side of the story.

Black activists have claimed that she “weaponized her tears.”  That a white woman calling for help when assaulted by black men is tantamount to attempted murder and is racist.


The point here cannot be understated.

The goal is to make people understand that when they are attacked by thugs from an oppressed group, they must not resist or call for help.  They must submit and subjugate themselves.  To resist or even call for help makes them more guilty of moral crimes.  The black man may be stealing something, but resisting their stealing is racist.

We’re seeing the sane thing with the Jordan Neely Daniel Penny subway fight.  Defend innocent people from a black man making terrorists threats is racist.

Don’t fight back. Call the police.

Don’t call the police.  Call a social worker.

Don’t call for help at all, just take your lumps.

They want to create a system of racial dhimmitude as social justice.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “You will not be allowed to call for help”
  1. If receipts show she was the victim then she needs to show all the kunts that called her racist the truth. We the People must fight them with thier own “rules”.. again 26% are dictators trying to control the 74%. Time to turn it around

    1. Afaik her lawyer presented the receipts that show she paid first for the bike.

      But the “righteous” do not care anymore. Best case scenario they just drop the topic and pretend it never happened but realistically they will double down and call the receipts fake and the whole topic prrof of a white conspiracy to keep the black man down.

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