In the darkest chapter of German history, Hitler’s Nazis armed citizens against the declared state enemies of the Third Reich: Among them were Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals. The cruelty of the second world war influences the Germans until today. As one example, weapon laws were more and more sharpened.Today, Germany has one of the strictest weapon laws in the world. It is almost impossible for a citizen to get a firearm. Citizens know that the state authority will protect them. Therefore they don’t see any need to take action by themselves

Source: Your gun violence scares me | Miami Herald

Volker ter Haseborg, the author of this piece, is German journalist doing something in the Miami Herald and apparently does not know much about the history of the Nazi Party and what kind of Gun Control they exercised. I say this because only a catastrophic ignorant or a flaming liar would go to say that the Nazis armed the general German population to go after the Jews, the Homosexuals and other unerwünscht. I have to go with catastrophic ignorant after he actually believes that the authorities will protect him.

There are a couple of succulent lines that made me laugh:

When I came to work at the Miami Herald for the first time, I saw a little sticker on the front door. I bet my American colleagues do not notice it because there are stickers like this everywhere. The sticker shows a gun with a slash across it: “No firearms allowed on this property”.

First, everywhere in Miami or everywhere in the Miami Herald? And did Human resources tell you that there has been incident of armed violence where you are working now? No? Damn, that sucks.
The Economist’s data team has gathered numbers that are scaring me. America has the second-highest murder rate among countries that are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

You mean among countries with heavy or almost total white Anglo-Saxon or Nordic populations? 99.44% lily white? I guess race purity is still a thing with you guys.

An increasing number of Americans think that they are safer when they have a gun. From my point of view, this is a serious problem for the relationship between the state and the citizens. Gun control should become an important topic in the presidential race.

And here is where I tell you to go have anal intercourse with your own damned self. What you see as a problem is the biggest and most powerful check and balance citizens can have to stop abuse from the government…like putting people in boxcars and sending them East as your beloved great-grand-ancestors did to ten million people.
And to the Miami Herald: You really hired a Neo Nazi to do work with your newspaper? What is next? Hiring mouthpieces from Granma to cover events in Hialeah?
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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. Never understood why people who come from overseas get beguiled into publishing things like this. It’d be akin to me doing an analysis of the German’s alcohol consumption from an American (alcohol is the devil, yet we drink it) perspective. Americans are shocked that high schoolers in Europe drink alcohol without penalty, but we’re not writing op-eds in Der Spiegel about it. I think Herr ter Haseborg needs to keep his European sensitivities under control if he wants to do business here.

    I’d extend him the same courtesy if I were in Europe. Sure, I’d love to be able to wear a fine H&K firearm while in a seedy area of Berlin, but their laws prohibit me from doing so. And I’d respect that, since I’m not a German citizen. If I was that worked up about German firearms laws, I’d go through the process of naturalizing myself there and then vote on the issue. Conversely, if he’s that offended by our laws, he can become a citizen and vote on the issue, as well. Otherwise, Herr ter Haseborg, I do kindly suggest you stop complaining.

    FYI, the irony isn’t lost on me that you guys claim to abhor firearms, yet you guys have no issues selling us H&K pistols by the truckload, and your friends to the south have made sure that GLOCK is the most popular pistol in America. Sure, you hate guns, but when American dollars come a-calling, you all are suddenly ardent supporters of our Second Amendment and the NRA.

  2. Let’s get some historical accuracy in here. The Nazis did arm citizens to go after the undesirables – just not German citizens. There was at least one quasi-military unit created in each conquered country that was used to do the work Germans could not do because they were busy trying to conquer more countries.

    Yes, why use the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development as the comparison group? The US does very, very badly in both raw numbers and per-10,000 when the whole planet is surveyed. See the UNOCD chart at .

    Even after the history of the 20th century most Europeans still look to the state to protect them. Much of that comes from the difference between their cultural history and serfs and peasants while over here we had no lords and knights to battle the riff and raff.

    But the bottom line? Americans won’t be more like the Europeans because a) we are not Europeans, b) don’t want to be Europeans, c) know that the FSA/Democrat welfare state is not going to last forever, d) actually like being responsible for ourselves in spite of the noise to the contrary to the FSA/Democrat welfare state, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.

    Why is he here in America if he does not like America? Is someone holding a gun to his head making him stay?

    stay safe.

    1. “There was at least one quasi-military unit ”

      But you are talking Gestapo/SS controlled paramilitary, not plain vanilla Joe Schmidt. Big difference there. Attacks on the Jews/ETC were mostly initiated by the SA until it was disbanded and then it became the purview of the SS.

  3. “It is almost impossible for a citizen to get a firearm.”

    Lies as always with the anti-freedom MFers.

    As is always the case in Europe, firearms law in Germany is quite convoluted. And there’s a number of restrictions. But you can most definitely own a handgun for sports and hunting.

    Semi-auto rifles are Go too, with restrictions for target shooting (> 16.5″ barrel and such) but there are indeed AR-15 in IPSC Rifle matches …

    1. I was going to say that, but my post was already very windy. You can indeed possess a firearm in Germany if you jump through some hoops. Compared to some other nations in Europe, they have firearms freedom.

  4. Let him return to his ancestral land and lets see what happens after the “refugees” have taken control of the streets. He just might have a CTJM that changes his mind.

  5. He has the mindset of a submissive, compliant and obedient victim. He has no understanding of the roots of the 2nd Amendment.

  6. There’s also a German cultural factor that Barbra Tuchman noted during WWI, and the Russians noted after WWII: Germans don’t really grok unsanctioned warfare.
    The idea of the people overthrowing a tyrant or invader by force of arms is alien to them- a bit like WWII era Japanese and surrender.
    Contrast the Russians- a homegrown tyrant is fine with them, as long as he’s not weak and indecisive. Foreign invaders, on the other hand…

  7. I will give him one point: Gun control should be a major discussion topic in Presidential races. It’s one field where the Democrats will always lose.

    That’s why they don’t talk about it on the campaign trail.

    1. Yes, I do want the evil Democrats to tell us all why we don’t need firearms after a soon to be 8 year stint of lawlessness by the POTUS and antics of his party.

  8. OECD? Sure. Exclude most of the G+ nations. Mexico is considered “industrialized”, is a member of the OECD, and has a higher per capita homicide rate than the US. 5.11 vs 3.92. Both Brazil, Russia and South Africa are also considered “industrialized” (all are G8+5 members) but are not members of the OECD and have higher firearm homicide rates than the US. 21.07,(homicide around 20/100K) , 22.04.

    1. Never-mind that it’s a well-known fact that Canada, Britain, and Japan all cook their homicide rates and when you account for that, their violent crime rates shoot up to more than ours, even when you include Chicago and Detroit in the mix.

    1. Because countries that are “lilly white” (sic) are generally speaking, culturally homogeneous. Norway or Finland, or Sweden, for example, do not have the same racial make-up as the USA. The USA has a mish-mash of varying cultures, differences of racial make-up, religions, etc. That division inevitably leads to conflict (whether or not the conflict is violent is another matter). Blacks vs. whites, Asians vs. Latinos, Catholics vs Protestants, Muslims vs Christians, Sunni vs. Shiite, etc.

      So, in conclusion, comparing a country like Sweden, for example, to the USA is an apple and oranges comparison. Sweden is culturally and racially homogeneous. The USA is not. There is going to be a much greater likelihood of conflict in the USA than in Sweden, so comparing their rates of violence is disingenuous.

      1. Ethnic strife is also not something that European nations really had until the widespread adoption of the internet, and they still don’t have it as bad as we do.(or even as bad as we did 20 years ago, before President and AG Racebaiter showed up)

  9. You have to be careful when comparing murder rates between different countries because they have different methods of counting them. In the UK they don’t count a homicide until a person has been convicted of the crime. This means a murder gets counted much later at best and at worst it never gets counted in the statistics.Here is a blog post that explains this>. If this method was used in the US our murder rate would at least be cut in half if not more.

    1. Reminds me of infant mortality calculations that are used as a surrogate that American medicine is sub-par when in reality we count live births differently from Europe and often heroically attempt to save the lives of extremely premature infants which skews the numbers. Definitely some apples to oranges out there in the gun stats, too.

      Remember though that our rights are not subject to stats and the latest (Bloomberg) “research” findings. I know how data analysis can be twisted and perverted. Such “studies” have little to do with me and mine when a meth-head kicks in my front door. Only my Mossberg matters then.

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