The knee pads help you steady your shoulder thing that goes up.

Under the J.Kb administration these people will be put to work doing useful things within their skill set like shoveling zoo shit with a teaspoon.


Malcolm Nance was a US Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer in Intelligence.

Has has written several books on military strategy.

He is an Intelligence consultant and MSNBC intelligence expert.

The Chernobyl incident occurred in 1986.

You’d think he’d know that.  Or at least watched the HBO miniseries.

This makes how we fucked up in Afghanistan make much more sense, if this is the caliber of expertise we have guiding the US Military.

This guy will be emptying septic tanks by hand with a ladder and a bucket.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Your media experts are just a wealth of knowledge – Update”
  1. #2 diesel is starting to clear $4/gal here, by a healthy margin at some stations.

    Regular unleaded is in the high $3s and going up, should hit $4 by next week. Premium has been over $4 in some places for a while.

    $4 for a gallon of regular gasoline is a threshold most station owners/operators don’t like to hit; they’ll hang out at $3.999 as long as possible and will resist being the first to go any higher. Psychologically, even though the extra fraction of a penny is almost nothing, having a fuel price that starts with ‘3’ is far less stressful than having it start with ‘4’.

    ‘2’ is good. ‘3’ is (grudgingly) tolerable. Panic starts at ‘4’.

    Prepare accordingly.

  2. Knee pads? What would they need Vice President Harris for? And she knows less than nothing about shooting, so it can’t be that.

  3. I wonder if the soldiers Putin sent to seize that reactor know that they are going to be glowing in the dark soon. Maybe they’ll do something about it when they find out.

  4. 1. Malcolm Nance had a checkered past. Ask Jack Posobiec about what he knows about Mr. Nance.
    2. Stay the heck out of Chernobyl Plant itself. Most of the radioactivity has decayed in 35 years. But there is still an enormous and dangerous amount left inside part of the one unit.
    3. Putin’s military may advance across Ukraine, but can they control it? 175,000 troops are not a lot when you are dealing with 48 million people in 233,000 square miles.

  5. Chernobyl NPP may be shut down but it is still a major distribution and transformation point for the Ukrainian power grid in that part of the country.

  6. I just read an article suggesting the Russians occupied Chernobyl to give them a base “that can’t be shelled”. The alternative view is that it could be shelled and if that were done would seriously hurt the invader. Also, if it’s done during prevailing S or SW winds, the bad stuff would be blown to Russia and Belarus, which would be a good outcome.

    1. There were 4 Reactors at Chernobyl. The Accident occurred in the #4 Reactor Complex. Reactors 1, 2, and 3, remained online and operating, until 1991 (Reactor #2), 1996 (Reactor #1), and 2000 for #3, and the full decommissioning of the entire complex.

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