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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

119 thoughts on “Your Politically Incorrect picture of the day.”
    1. And then the bonus pack that comes with three goats and a camel. And the other one, that comes with suicide bomb vest and van.

          1. Please be aware that they have taken offense to the terms of Towelheads, Diaperheads, & the like. They have advised us that those are actually small sheets. From this point forward, please refer to them as little sheetheads.

            1. Correct. It’s a Political System, known as a Theocracy. Its STATED agenda is the total annihilation of all other systems.

              1. Exactly!!! And is theology is not in congruence with the Constitution of the United States.

                1. ????wow we Muslims are so honered that you racist can’t forget us and don’t have lives …Because you don’t find us Muslims insulting you all .Shame it’s sad you have no lives .but don’t worry your insults mean nothing to us we have well fulfilled lives are happy and that is because we love our religion. Stop being jealous and go and pray you all might come right in life .

                    1. you can’t just insult anybody you want. It is “slander”, and it has “legal” consequences.

                    2. Oh, Roxanne, you’re an idiot. That’s an insult, but it isn’t even close to slander.

                      Go ahead and sue me for slander. I”ll use your post as my defense. Since you’re clearly not smart enough to know what slander is, and apparently not competent enough to use Google and search for the answer before making such an idiotic statement, you’ll lose.

                      Still not slander.

                  1. Your right, you dont, it’s probably because your to busy setting Christians on fire, beheading us and selling our children as sex slaves.That is when your not busy blowing up women & child while they’re in the market over your shi’ite vs suni squables.

                    1. Let’s get real. Our drones are blowing up more women and children in markets and in their own homes, than do the terrorists’ bombs.

                  2. No Amina, it’s that many don’t understand the muslims not assimilating into our society. I lived for a number of years just a few “klicks” down the road from Mecca, which I had to drive around because I was considered an infidel and couldn’t set foot in your city! Believe me, I know your religion and I know the culture. I have lived through it! Now you should have to live through ours! Experience our culture for a change! Become a part of it and become a living part of our people! Don’t separate yourself from our culture…BE PART OF IT!

          1. Islam is not a race it is a religion. There’s a big difference you can’t choose what race you are but.religion is a choice no matter who you are.

            1. To your point, you are quite correct, for instance, that criticizing Islam cannot be racist because Islamists come in many forms, so it is a religion shared by a heterogenous group of folks (including sadly many deranged Westerners). But, more importantly, the bigger picture is that it is a theocracy bent on ruling the entire world. By contrast, Christians, on the other hand, do not want to rule the world, but rather love and save the souls of the world.

              Neither is fear of Islam islamophobic….it’s not phobic is the fear is rational, which it clearly is.

              1. Islamodium is the correct term. It means a dislike or hatred of Islam. The suffix ‘phobia’ means fear of in Latin.-odium means dislike or hatred, which is more accurate in my mind!

          2. RRRRRRRRRRR-ACIST!!! overused bastardized word that because of ‘them’ has lost its power — REAL racism does still exist and when used to describe an actual attacjk will have the same reaction as the people had who heard the little boy cry ‘wolf’ — ignore and downplay. they have done this with lots of other words – weakening the English language. whatever the left touches it destroys: education, the US legislature, journalism, media of all sorts, art, music, medicine… remains to be seen if they can pull together the final debacle – the USA.

        1. I laughed out loud when I saw it!! The truth behind it is tragic, but isn’t it fun to say things (even with a picture of a doll) that you are not allowed to because its the truth and might offend someone?!

      1. I think you meant to say, “Those that follow Sharia law are ignorant and sick”. No need to thank me for the correction, Ariel. 🙂

      2. Ariel, Have you missed something? Forced marriages with young girls, beheadings in the streets… I can go on but I have a feeling it won’t change your Liberal Lunatic mind

        1. All thing done by Christians before. And still do. My guess is you’ve never been in the south. Or if you have being married at age 14 isn’t a child to you.

          1. Motherfucker I lived in Alabama for 15 years. I don’t know what kinda crazy shit your talking about but I’m assuming you have never been down south so keep your dick sucker shut.

          2. Uh, OK. So, you’re telling me that if Christians have ever institutionally done something, THAT make it right, did I hear you correctly?

            Or do you mean to say, that if Christians have ever done something institutionally, then they can not criticize it? If the latter is your assertion, do you really, truly mean to say that Christians cannot criticize other religions having their own Inquisition? If that is you position, then I suppose that Christians cannot criticize the practice of slavery, either, amirite?

            So, nobody ever grows up? Huh? If I lied as a child, or stole candy, then I cannot discipline my own children for lying or stealing? (well, at MY advanced age, grandchildren, but, well, you know…)

            WTF, dude?

            You might want to work just a leeetle harder, to conceal the fact that you are an idiot. Most 7 year olds see the flaws in the “Oh yeah? Well you’re another!” argument. Are you unable to see them? If not, perhaps you ought to return once you finish elementary school.

            And, the “rednecks marry at 14” schtick. Nice. You, perhaps, have some (objectively verifiable) facts to document that this occurs in statistically significant numbers?

            your next gambit will be dental libels, won’t it?


            1. I do not think that they will understand all those big words, after all they can’t seem to understand basic argument flaws.

              1. On our son’s return from Afghanistan he summed up his opinion with, “It’s a nation of four year olds!”

          3. The Crusades Orchard retaliate against that Islam invasion. Besides that they did nothing that Islam is done! By the way I’m from the south and we don’t either

        1. JJ Lmao. I would love to have the honor, but I think this honor deserves multiple stoners

      3. Seriously you come to a politically incorrect humor place to complain hahahaha its like getting mad at a comedian .. what a life you must lead .. 3 people walked into a bar ..YOU: I dont drink! drinking is bad! how dare you! Imagine people just like you the world over .. wow that would be interesting watching all of you piss each other off! hahahahaha..

      4. Actually, they are more erudite on the subject than anyone who decries their “ignorance, ” just sayin

      5. ” You people “?? We are sick? Are you outside your mind? So I guess you’re all for beheading, pedophiles, rape, etc., etc. We are sick? Look in the mirror Bitch. Wonder why you got 151 dislikes. You wouldn’t know class if it smacked you in your fucking face

      6. We’re sick? I guess chopping Christian heads off is delightful?
        Anything wrong with truth, or is this a subsidiary of Fakebook?

      7. So you approve of genital mutilation, throwing gays off of buildings, denying women rights, like driving ect…because that is Shariah law….stay ignorant my friend.

    1. No,, but ken comes with a woolen dress, with a srting hanging out …dont pull the string!!

      Also a toyota truck with a mounted 50 cal….

    2. Comes with FREE Gillette and lighter for clitoral genital burning or mutilation of women!

      Bonus! FREE big blade for yearly celebration bloodletting of children’s heads, and extra chair for Mommy Barbie to sit while she eats snacks and watches the whole bloody celebration!

  1. Sweet! Can I get the conservative edition? Y’all love to control and beat women as a whole 🙂

        1. Redneck Barbie and Ken are old game and before anything else. So old that they get a chuckle because they have been made over and over.
          What tickles people about this one is that it kills a sacred cow (or pig) while touching an untouchable. The unbalance that exist saying you can make fun of Christians but not of other “Special” groups is shattered by this meme.
          And that is what pisses some people: somebody had the guts of crossing the Untouchable line

        2. Really? Is that your idea of documentation of “…their true form”? that “every else sees them in…”?

          Besides humorless, and an idiot, you are unlettered. Educated people know what documentation looks like. They also recognize satire.

          Contemplate that. Bigotry is not confined to one side of the aisle.

  2. “Sweet! Can I get the conservative edition? Y’all love to control and beat women as a whole ?”

    Dear “Death to Nazi’s”: The Plaintiff is the grand daughter of a Romanian Jew who escaped (REAL, no-shit) Nazis in the 1940s. My children, by Nazi “Race Laws” are Jews: Untermenschen. She is a “Conservative Barbie”, who outshoots me. She got a copy of the gunsafe key, upon moving in with me.

    Wife Mark II is another Conservative Barbie. She, too, outshoots me. She, too, has a copy of the key to the gunsafes. Frankly, if I were of a mind to lay hands on either of them, I’d wind up shot.

    Since I am not of a mind to lay hands on women who do not constitute a clear and present danger to me, I’m not at particular risk.

    but, Woe Betide! any chucklehead who would lay hands on my children or grandchildren. The Plaintiff, as well as Wife Mark II likely would take such a malefactor under a crossfire!

    ya know, most of the women I know are NOT snowflakes, are capable, competent and decisive, and (shocker!) conservative.

    1. Ironically, while his username says he don’t like Nazis, but I would guarantee that his beliefs (State supreme over all, clearly defined racial groups of ubermenchen & untermenchen, general anti-semitism, and so on) fall more into line with the tenants of National Socialism over the generally Libertarian & Individualist regulars of this site.

  3. Ummm… and you worked so hard on it!
    Prepare yourself to exclaim, “D’oh!”
    “Jihab” is a leading European manufacturer of scissors.
    Yeah, I know… it’s so frustrating… Have you been watchig to much Alex Jones? He always mispronounces it…
    You are wanting to say, “hijab”… It’s a simple mistake but it takes the wind right out of your sales…
    On the bright side, the sales on Jihab’s products just went up… so there’s that.
    Now, quickly remove this from everywhere it has been shared and fix it… you may still be able to salvage a bit of pride.
    PS. I like the idea but I won’t share yet.

    1. Dear Mr. Ziemer: Wouldn’t “Jihab” be, ya know A PUN, a portmanteau (or perhaps a Spoonerism) of Jihad and Hijab?

      Then, there’s the fact that our host’s native language is Spanish. My opinion? If THAT is the least comprehensible thing that he says, he is metric fucktons more capable in English, than I am in Spanish. Dead on.

      Finally, your comment about Jihab’s sales boom, suggests that Miguel and JKb have themselves a widely read, and authoritative blog here. In that regard, I completely agree with you.

    2. Well Mr. Zelmer, before you correct people’s spelling check your own. “takes the wind right out of your SAILS” not SALES.

      1. Next year children wearing ‘vests’ models will be available. Burn phones sold separately.

  4. If you want to get an INSTANT 30 day ban on islam supporting facebook, post this picture.

    30 seconds, they ban you.

  5. Sharia Ken comes complete with shovel and stones. Or you can purchase the special edition set with shovel, stones, and a Muslim mistress Barbie.

  6. “Act now and get Mormon Polygamous Polly half off! …the first in limited edition set of 12 sister-wives released monthly!”

  7. Show of hands, who here thinks I give a RAT’S ASS about offending Muslim scum?? These towel – head BASTARDS are stuck in the dark ages, and are only concerned with ONE MISSION in life, destruction whole and complete of every single other person in the world who does NOT believe in their made up false good and his pedofile madman warrior false prophet. But there goes the stupid, ASS-HATS on the liberal left saying, ” no, no, they’re good people! It’s just the radical sect that want to do that” Give me a fuckin’ BREAK, IDIOTS!!! If there’s anything I know about religious fundamentalists, it’s this…if you claim to believe in any religious ideal, you believe in ALL of that ideal! If you’re a CHRISTIAN, then you believe in EVERY word written in the Holy Bible. Not just certain parts that make it convenient for you, ALL OF IT! Same is true of any faith, or otherwise, you are NOT a believer in ANY of it.

  8. Don’t forget to remove her clitoris too so she has NO enjoyment during sex and be sure to widen the hips for birthing MANY babies whether she wants them or not!!

  9. I have never like barbie dolls, but this is a insuit to the doll maker and doll itself.

  10. I don’t think “stoning” vs. “stunning” is necessarily incorrect… Anyone who’s questioning your “DICTION” is probably just jealous… #SighsMatters…

  11. Wow I never knew we had so many stupid minds on here shows you actually no nothing of Islam and the killings ect you talk there not Muslims if they do that as it is not allowed in Islam I suggest some of you read the Quran before you give your 2pence worth as most of you don’t know Jack shit tbh peace out losers

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