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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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  1. Chancellor Angela Merkel: “The islam is part of germany!”

    We just had a burning of a pregnant girl/young woman by her moslem boyfriend here in germany.

    But that has nothing to do with the islam.

  2. God (or Allah) bless King Abdulla of Jordan. They immediately executed 2 ISIS prisoners and he’s vowed to make them pay. When a American was killed, King Bozo played golf. We so need some leaders with balls.

    1. It is quite a contrast isn’t it? The big problem is that the american people, voted for that sissy twice.

  3. Honestly there are many Muslims who are not radical or anti-American at all, and are good people. But when a large percentage of them are becoming radicalized, we need to be on the look out. These evil pieces of shit that call themselves ISIS need to be sent back to hell to burn for eternity like they burnt this poor pilot.

    1. True, but be honest: Many Germans never supported Hitler, many Chinese never supported Mao, many Sowjets necer supported Stalin, many Bothans never supported the revolution, etc.
      Radical minorities can and will overcome peaceful majorities, especially in a democracy.

      1. …Hitler was put in office by popular vote, after campaigning on slogans that included talk about killing jews.

        1. …and that made him popular in the US and Times Magazine “Man Of The Year” 😉
          And he wasn’t put in office by popular vote – by the time he became Reichskanzler, the elected parlament was already disbanded because the radical wings (NSDAP vs. KPD) became too strong and germany was on the brink of a civil war – and he wasn’t even the first choice for Reichskanzler.

          And his slogans blamed the jews for loosing the war and for capitalism (he was a socialist, after all) but prior to ’33 the “killing the jews” was not exactly an official statement – not more than “killing the communists” ^^

          Don’t mix propaganda with facts ^^

          P.S.: Not that the facts make the outcome any better…

  4. Nope that argument is clearly invalid and illogical.

    The fact that one group of people does something inhumane doesn’t justify the other group doing something inhumane.

    If the terrorists are so bad for doing inhumane things, why is it okay for us to do inhumane things?

    It’s not. We should not torture. Even if it is effective, it still violates their rights as human beings. We need to be better. It’s no different than requiring warrants for searches. Does it make the cops job harder? Yes. Does it mean some bad people will get away with it? Yes. But the potential for abuse and for harming innocent people is so great we demand procedures to stop it. Is it harder to stop terorism without torture? Maybe. Does that mean some terrorists will get away with it? Yes. Does that outweigh harming innocents or even the guilty without due process? NOPE

    1. You are making some common assumptions which are understandable:

      If you are waging war or if we are to wage war effectively, we must understand the enemy and play with the set of rules that will guarantee victory. The problem resides that these rules change with every conflict/enemy and sticking with one set for all wars is not only stupid but dangerous.

      One of those rules is what kind of perception do we transmit. Are saying we are in this to win or are we saying “yes, we have the power but we are too shy to apply it in full force.” Breaking the will of possible future combatants is as important as killing those already on the field.

      With all out military might, we are perceived by this particular enemy as weak and foolish, because we rebuild and pay out of our pockets. We are basically seen as providing for the welfare of those who will come later to fight us.

      That leads to something important: The “peaceful” majority will side with those they perceive as resolute. People like ISIS have no qualms about civilian casualties of their own people and that is a powerful statement to make. The majority will always side with those who are more dangerous in the hope they will be excluded from execution. Diabuse yourself from the notion that we are going to be loved because we avoid collateral damage, build schools and provide sources of fresh water: all those things are irrelevant compared with the posibility of being burned alive or crucified in a public square. I may end up having the shitters, but at least my head will remain attached to my neck and at the end of the day, that beats any Western Christian Touchy-Feely Hearts and Minds program.

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