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10 thoughts on “Your weird gun of the day. Updated with video. UPDATED”
  1. I recall learning of a multi-shot system wherein one would load a gun several times- powder, patch, bullet, powder, patch, bullet, etc. and then set the charges off in order front to back, using a firing system that I can only assume would look a lot like that. I can’t recall the name of the system, either. I think it would be reasonable to believe that this is the manual of arms for this weapon.

  2. Wolfman is right. I don`t recall the name of this system – or the name of the gunsmith, too.
    There are a few guns like this (rifles, mostly) throughout museums in germany (Suhl and Nuremberg, for example).

    It never saw widespread use because it was quite dangerous for the user (and realy expensive to make) ^^

  3. I think I saw those in an a game from the mid 1990s. You have to set the switches to the right combination before it will fire.

    (Apparently Metalstorm isn’t as brand-new as they want to think they are.)

  4. Ian at ForgottenWeapons is a cool guy. He also podcasts sometimes on The Gun Nation with Doc Wesson and crew. Ian always finds the most interesting old guns, and gets to play with them, and sometimes shoots them.

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