So the Opposition has now found out the intent to have silencers moved to Title II guns to regular firearms still subjected to background checks but without the stupid $200 stamp and the Chief LEO approval crap.  I am not into silencers mostly because I do not see advantage of adding length and weight to a gun compensates for the noise reduction, but I will admit that a Ruger 10/22 with integrally silencer barrel does make my wish list.

And as expected, the Opposition is losing its mind about it. Tales of NRA member silently mass murdering school children next to a cop who is not listening to the massacre because the gun is silenced are the norm. And they know of this because of MOVIES! Of that, I am not surprised, but what caught me off guard was a Fudd taking their side:

CSGV silencers 2There is always one asshole who is determined to make it hard for the rest of the people to be left alone to our own devices. You may disagree, but don’t go provide comfort to the enemy who will surely is planning to target you down the road. How stupid can you be?  There are those who are willing to appease the target in the hope it will not eat them.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

17 thoughts on “ZOMG! Silencers! For Free at Any Corner Store! Evil NRA!”
  1. Apparently Mr.K-W is now or was as some point running for office in California on a “Freedom” platform which includes less-taxes and/or return to the Founding Fathers ideals. Which is interesting as he actually supports more Taxation/Regulation and restriction of “freedom” in the above comments.

    I know there is always “one of those guys” and perhaps they just have the same name…

  2. This needs to go around the gun community. Hunters need to avoid Lazy Dog Ranch like the plague and farmers who need to have hogs removed should not hire this guy. Yes, I am calling for his business to go bust by boycott.

    Suppressed hunting is the next wave in gun stuff. It is a bridge that connects Gun Culture 2.0 to hunting and outdoor sports. There are people who have suppressors who get bored with just shooting them at steel and paper and suppressed hunting is a way for them to enjoy their investment more. There are a lot of hog hunters who want suppressed guns to be able to take out 20 or 30 hogs on a field in Texas when eradicating them as nuisance animals.

    This Fudd is 100% wrong and his business should suffer for it.

  3. He’s also completely wrong on the technical details.

    He’s shooting 50 Beowulf and thinks the silencer will keep the hogs from knowing he’s shooting? I don’t see a real measurement of how loud that exact round is, but it’s bigger than a .45ACP and probably louder, on the order of 155 dBA or louder. A silencer is only going to take 35 dB off that, and the resulting 120 dBA is still very loud. Many silencers take off even less than that. 120 or 125 dBA is like having someone blasting a trumpet right into your ear, and can cause hearing damage itself (yes, you need hearing protection while shooting with a silencer).

    He’s got the movie version of a silencer in his head and has clearly never been around a real one.

  4. If you ever shoot a bolt action Rimfire with subsonic ammo and listen to the firing pin spring go “twang” you may be impressed.

  5. I’ve got a Savage bolt action with a threaded on suppressor. When you shoot it with subsonic ammo, it sounds like you forgot to load the rifle. At least it does, until the bullet smacks the steel plate.

    Centerfire suppressors are nowhere near that quiet even with subsonic ammo.

    1. First time you get to shoot a 10/22 with integrated suppressed barrel, they are going to call somebody with a pry bar to force you to let go of it.

    2. In fairness, most of us have never been around a real silencer, since they’re NFA items.

      That’s true, but chances are you’ve seen enough online that you don’t expect the suppressor to be as quiet as in the movies.

      I don’t own any, but I was at the range when a guy pulled up next to me with a suppressed AR-15. It was certainly loud enough to know he was shooting a rifle, but I could tell it was quieter than a typical AR. As a rough guess, call it around the loudness of a 10/22 firing supersonic ammo with no suppressor.

      And .223 isn’t as loud as something like .308 or .30-06. I shot my .30-06 the other day and even with my hearing protection on, it was LOUD. At some point, if you really want to keep the sound low, you need foam earplugs under a pair of cans.

  6. The industry standard for hearing safe suppressors – shooting without hearing protection – is based of the OSHA standard for impulsive/impact noise of 140 dB. A good centerfire pistol suppressor firing subsonic ammo (standard pressure 230 gr 45 ACP or 147 gr 9mm) will easily get to 135 dB. Outdoors, that sounds like a pneumatic nail gun.

    A 300 AAC BLK subsonic with a non-SBR barrel is about the same, maybe quieter. Most suppressed rifles are supersonic witch makes measuring the sound reduction difficult.

    Metering is done 3 feet from the muzzle. So a 50 – 100 yard shot with subsonic ammo suppressed is going to sound very different to game than it will at the gun.

    From what has been experienced by people who have hunted hogs with suppressed rifles, they don’t scatter after the first shot. They are used to farm noise at a distance and suppressed gunshots at moderate distances aren’t loud enough to spook them.

  7. “With a silencer I would be able to take out all 10 pigs with 10 well placed shots.”

    Don’t miss, or the rest will get away while you’re reloading your CSGV- and California-legislature-approved 10-round magazine. With “bullet button”. (Besides which, how many feral hogs just happen to run around in groups of exactly 10, as opposed to 12, 15, or any other number? Did the legislature pass a law limiting feral hogs to a specific group size?*)

    How did you ever get approved for the collapsible stock on that AR? Doesn’t that make it an evil “assault weapon” under CA law, “bullet button” or not? Didn’t anyone ever tell you those “weapons of war” have no place in civilian hands?

    * – Probably not. Wouldn’t want to limit how many legislators can meet at once. 😉

  8. Well speaking as someone who is approaching 4 months of waiting for just the form 3 to be approved (dealer to dealer ttansfer) and then still has to wait for the form 4 to go through on my first silencer, making them non title 2 would be great. The ridiculous waits for NFA approvals is ridiculous in a day and age of near instant transactions for almost anything else.

    Also silencer damaging your barrel is a new one for me, never heard the specious claim before.

  9. Wow. . you guys know SO MUCH more about guns than the NRA. . .

    And then you highlight such comments as Sheridan Griffin. . . Perfect murder weapon of the Mafia. . Do you really believe the Mafia is going to withhold rubbing someone out until silencers are legal? You belay your own bias and ignorance. .

    Did it occur to you there might be legitimate reasons to suppress (you can never SILENCE a weapon) a loud gunshot? As with all anti gun people. . there is no legitimate reason for anything to do with a firearm. .

    OMG. . its so loud. . it will scare everyone in the neighborhood. . or Suppressed weapons are the prefered weapon of the mafia. . . really? how about some proof?

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