A bridge too far in the culture war

I read liberal websites and I read conservative websites.  I try to maintain a balanced viewpoint to the best of my ability.  Sometimes I’ll read something that is so outlandish, so conspiratorial, that I have to say “no way this is real.”

I’m having a moment where one of those “no way this is real” moments is becoming plausible.

Gay marriage wasn’t on the political radar when I was a kid.  Under President George W. Bush, the idea of a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage was still being floated by the Far Right.

Obama was anti-gay marriage in 2008 then pro-gay marriage in 2012.  The Supreme Court ended gay marriage bans in 2015 and the cultural shift on that was rather sudden.  All of a sudden, handed a huge legal victory The Left had to win in the popular culture as well.  Forget about individual beliefs.  If a religious person so much as answered the hypothetical question “would you cater a gay wedding” in the negative, they will receive death threats, have their business destroyed, and be run out of town in hiding.

I could care less about gay marriage.  I happened to agree with SCOTUS in Obergefell, the 14th Amendment does provide equal protection under the law and gay couples are entitled to all the LEGAL PROTECTIONS, RIGHTS, AND PRIVILEGES, of a sate issued marriage licences.  Forcing religious people to accept that, was a step too far.  I try to be tolerant, but I firmly believe that people should not be forced to participate in something they have a moral objection to.

As little as five years ago, there was nothing on the radar in the wider pop culture about trans rights.

Then we got Bruce Jenner turned Caitlyn Jenner on TV with his own TV show I am Cait.  Woe beith unto the person who didn’t think that Jenner was stunning and brave and the most beautiful woman in Hollywood.  Jenner won an Arthur Ashe Courage Award for being trans on TV.

Jeffry Tambor then played a woman on the TV show Transparent and everybody near that show was nominated for an Emmy.  Laverne Cox was raised up and down for being a trans person on Orange is the New Black.  A transgender child wrote a book and got a reality TV show called I Am Jazz.  Another trans child got a part on Modern Family.  

North Carolina had the temerity to go against the pop culture on this and say that just maybe, biological men shouldn’t pee in women’s bathrooms and the backlash was YUGE!  The NBA pulled the All-Star game.  Liberal states enacted travel bans to North Carolina.  The NAACP staged a boycott of of North Carolina and the backlash in general cost North Carolina almost $4 Billion.  North Carolina was broken.

This is where my tolerance starts to wane.  I don’t hate trans people.  I see it as a mental illness, no different than schizophrenia.  It is a delusion from reality with an egregiously high suicide rate.  What I refuse to do is let someone else’s delusion dictate my reality.

That is the next step.  For the real Progressive, it is transphobic (the new zenith of bigotry) to not want to have sex with a transperson because you don’t think her penis is a woman’s penis.  Yes. That’s.  Real.

I didn’t think my “genital preferences” were the result of cultural norms or transphobia, but of 1.2 billion years of evolution of sexual reproduction.  But that’s just me.

So what’s next.  Gay marriage is a thing.  Trans is being forced down the nation’s throat.  How much further can we go.


“No way,” you say.  That’s some Far Right paranoia.  Then I saw this over at Gay Patriot.

That’s a little much.

This is where I become an intolerant fucker.

The Hollywood pedophiles who try and drive the pop culture may try and make this socially acceptable.  Among the wide swath of mainstream America, it will never be.

For those Progressives who don’t get this, and saw the victory of gay marriage and transgenderism in the mainstream, they are playing with fire.

Let me put this in terms they will understand.

The use of Rorschach here is appropriate because he was a vigilante.

In a civil society, civil people expect the law will exist to protect them.  If the law stops doing that, they will protect themselves.

Right now, the law exists to protect children.  If that changes.  If the Progressives make it so the law protects the monsters that pray on children, we will protect our children.

The day The Left makes is socially acceptable for some 40 year old man to hit on my 3 or 5 or 7 year old in public is the day I find it social acceptable to stick a knife in a pedophile’s throat in the checkout line of the Kroger.  Cleanup aisle 2.

When the day comes that the Police cannot arrest an adult for having sex with a child is the day Middle America starts lynching pedophiles.

We won’t be trapped in here with those perverts.  They will be trapped in here with us.

Technical Advice

Dear Leaders of Iran and North Korea,

It seems from President Trump’s UN speech, that the United States is going to crack down on your ability to produce nuclear weapons.

The most difficult part of that process is the enrichment of Uranium.

As a Ph.D. in materials science, allow me to let you in on a little secret.  It is possible to enrich Uranium without centrifuges.

What you need to do is dissolve your yellow cake in water and drink it.  You will naturally separate out the lighter U-235 from the heavier U-238.  What you excrete through urination will be enriched yellow cake.  Just allow that to dry and presto, you have pure U-235 oxide.

This is not nearly as efficient as a centrifuge operation.

To be able to prepare a nuclear weapon in a reasonable amount of time, you should press your entire military into service for nephrological uranium enrichment.

I can help you set up this process for a minor consulting fee of $1,000,000.

Thank you for your consideration.

NYT and Polar Bears

When I started this post it was going to be about Moms Demand Action and their continuing nonsensical haranguing about the SHARE Act and silencers*.

*I don’t want to hear how there is “no such thing as a silencer.”  When Hiram Percy Maxim invented the “firearm muffler” he trademarked it as the Maxim Silencer.  The term silencer has become a genericized trademark, like saying Band-Aid for adhesive bandage.

MDA has been making the claim the the SHARE Act would allow suppressors to fall into the wrong hands.

The SHARE Act effectively removes suppressors from the NFA, making them transferable on a 4473.  That’s fine by me.  What MDA seems to be saying in the above post is that the 4473 NICS system doesn’t work.  That is a bold claim and undermines pretty much every argument they’ve ever mad.

MDA: “We need more background checks.”

Also MDA: “Background checks for silencers won’t work.”

They are so reactionary they can’t keep their line of thought strait.

In going through the MDA posts on this issue, I came across one that linked to a New York Times OpEd Congress Goes for Its Guns.

It was filled with the same pointless crap as all the other anti suppressor articles and OpEds.

It then went on to attack other provisions of the SHARE Act.

We’re talking about the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act, adorably nicknamed Share. It has a bunch of hair-raising provisions, one of which would make it easier to buy armor-piercing bullets. (We will stop for a moment to contemplate the fact that it is not currently impossible to buy armor-piercing bullets.)

No.  It doesn’t do that.  What it does do is prevent the goverment from declaring some ammo as armor piercing.  Really, it is supposed to prevent the government from banning the sale of surplus M855 ammo, which was part of an executive order kerfuffle under Obama.  (Also surplus Soviet 7.62×25 and 7.62x55R steel core.)  But why be honest?

The part that really stuck out at me what this:

And a section that would allow for the importation of 41 frozen polar bears. The bears — well the bear carcasses — belong to American hunters who killed them legally in Canada but failed to bring them home before an importation ban went into effect. This part of the bill hasn’t gotten much publicity. However, I think we can all agree it’s time the government did something on behalf of rich guys yearning to have the head of an endangered species over the fireplace.

Really.  The New York Times had the fucking temerity to go all anti-rich guy populist.

“Screw those rich guys who spent money on a legal hunt to get fucked over by bureaucrats.  They are hunters, and we don’t like them so who cares about their rights.”

The Government had Polar Bears declared a threatened species which made the importation of trophies impossible.

The Atlantic makes this provision seem reasonable.

The law left a group of 41 hunters, who had killed polar bears in Canada earlier in 2008 but were unable to import their game into the U.S. by the May deadline, stuck in a maze of red tape.

At the time of their hunts, both the kills and the importation of their trophies were legal. But because they didn’t get the bears (or their parts) transported in time, these hunters who paid as much as $50,000 to hunt the animals in the first place are now paying hundreds more per year to keep their prizes in cold storage while they wait for Congress to act.

Young and others have been working to do just that since 2009. His legislation, which would allow just those 41 U.S. hunters to retrieve their carcasses from Canada, is included in the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2013, which is slated to pass the House this week.

Especially since Canada doesn’t consider Polar Bears to be endangered, and actually says they are becoming a danger to people.

But, again, why let facts get in the way of your argument.

The SHARE Act seems to tackle at least two arbitrary acts by bureaucracies,  changing the status of widely available ammo from legal to illegal and changing the status of legally hunted game to threatened.

Setting rules that prevents the goverment from imposing arbitrary regulations that affect hunters and shooters seems like a good idea to me.

If you are a person, however, who cheered on Obama and his pen and phone.  Taking away the goverment’s ability to interrupt people’s lives capriciously is bad.

Now I want Trump to just end DACA tomorrow for no other reason than to remind these people why allowing the goverment to make arbitrary changes to the law is a horrible way to govern.

Those who live by bureaucratic fiat die by bureaucratic fiat.  They seem to forget that.

American education goes down the tubes

Bernie Sanders introduced the idea of free college for most during the Democrat primary.  New York has decided to give free college to middle class New Yorkers.  California is poised to do something similar, and free college is now part of the New Jersey governor’s race debate.

I think I’m going the other way on this.  Rather than schools offer free tuition to students, I’m all for pulling all state and federal funding from colleges and ending subsidized loans.

I have already blogged, twice, about butthurt professors who have protested the lawful campus carry in Texas and Kansas by wearing body armor.

The Secretary of Education, Besty DeVos, is using the DOE to undo the Obama Dear Colleague Letter which has turned into a massive abuse of Title IX (I deliberately chose the Slate article – because when Slate says DeVos is right about Title IX being abused, you can bank on it being that bad).  College professors are resistant to the idea of reintroducing due process to on campus sexual assault investigations.

Princeton University is holding a Fuck Free Speech event on Constitution Day.  Professors at the University of California Berkeley want students and professors to boycott campus during the ‘Free Speech Week’.

College campuses across the country are creating racially and sexually separated ‘safe spaces’ for various identity groups.

Then there was the total cluster-fuck of Evergreen State College.

Since the beginning of 2017, academia has done its best to show that it has no respect, if downright hatred, for the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Fourteenth Amendment, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

This is anti-Civics, actively promoting ignorance and hatred of the United States.

Why are we funding this?

I’m not saying end college as an institution, but maybe taking away the free money will cause the useless programs to wither and die.  There will always be a need for scientists, engineers, doctors, nurses, accountants, and such.  But if kids have to pay $50,000 out of pocket to listen to some putz ramble on about the social construct of gender in Indigenous societies, they might say “fuck that noise” and actually learn something.

They will never learn

I caught this story on Tucker Carlson last night.  Nancy Pelosi was giving a speech on DACA when she got shouted down by a group of illegal immigrant protesters.  The whole scene turned ugly.  Feast your eyes.

All I hear about from the media is how illegal immigrants “live in the shadows.

I really don’t think shouting at a United States Congresswoman and former Speaker of the House while getting in her face with a bunch of signs is “living in the shadows.”

What you are witnessing here is just another example of why the rule of law is important.  What is a sanctuary policy but a state or city that thumbs its nose at the rule of law.  The lessons learned by illegals in these locations is that the Democrats will violate the laws to protect them from the legal ramifications of their actions.  New York reduces charges against them to avoid deportation requirements, so does California.

We see this with the media and their support of Antifa, calling them “mostly peaceful.”    We saw the situation in Berkeley get out of hand when the police were told to stand down and not resist them.

The way Antifa was treated was nothing new.  The mayor of Baltimore gave protesters “space to destroy” after the Freddy Gray verdict.

What we see over and over again is the rule of law not being applies.  Various groups are given free reign to be violent because they have the right politics or grievances to be worthy of pandering to by the Left.

When you give a mouse a cookie, he;ll want a glass of milk.

When you give some violent thugs a slap on the wrist, they will burn your shit to the ground.

Eventually they will bit the hand that protects them because nothing in their history tells them that they will get in trouble for it.

Now that Berkeley is being smashed on a regular basis and leading Democrats are being heckled by the people they protect, you’d expect them to understand why the rule of law is so important: that the law be enforced and applied equally to all.

Unfortunately I believe that the Left is too invested in pandering to ever change course from what they are doing now.  They may be destroyed by their own protected classed, and that will be fun to watch.  But the collateral damage will be terrible.

Some Nazis, Some Rioters, and a Rabbi

I knew that the city of Saint Louis was once again experiencing riots because of a police shooting.  I was just sort of rioted out.  I couldn’t muster the energy to even follow it on the news.

On Sunday I wan introduced to the hashtag #GastheSynagogue.

OK, what the fuck is going on here? Am I going to have to strap up and start killing people?  I really wanted to have a lazy Sunday.

As it turns out a #GastheSynagogue was started by a bunch of neo-Nazis in support of the desire by the Saint Louis police to fire tear gas at the Central Reform Congregation of St. Louis Synagogue.

Of course, being Nazis, the intention of   #GastheSynagogue was clear.

There is absolutely no justification for some genocide encouraging gas the Jews campaign.  This is exactly, 100% why I am the militant gun owning Jew that I am.

But I had to learn more.  Why did Saint Louis police want to tear gas a Synagogue?

The Synagogue opened its doors to provide refuge to protesters.

Oh, fuck.  No.  Let’s be clear on something, there is no concept of sanctuary in Judaism like there is in Christianity.  A synagogue is not hallowed ground.  You cannot hide in a Synagogue and claim sanctuary.

The police were using tear gas to disperse the protesters after the protests turned violent.  Protesters had gone to the home of the Mayor of St. Louis and threw rocks and broke windows.  Police were taken to the hospital after protesters threw rocks, bottles, and bricks at police.  The St. Louis library was smashed.  Significant property damage was done to local business.

Police cracked down hard on the protest when it turned violent, arresting dozens of people, in order to prevent this incident from turning into a multi-day, multi-million dollar disaster like the Michael Brown riots two years ago.

It seems that the new leadership in St. Louis and Missouri learned the lessons of Ferguson, LA in 1996, and Berkeley today; don’t give rioters an inch or they will take control and do massive damage.

In this face of law and order, stands Rabbi Susan Talve.

This is a Synagogue of Social Justice.

Talve said she believes the Jewish community has “many reasons” to get involved in the fight for racial justice.

“We are a people who believe in justice for everyone. We were strangers in the land of Egypt, we get this. We know what it is to be made other by institutions, systems of oppression,” she said. “We understand this as a people. So when we see it, we have to be part of the solution.”

“The only thing that I can do as a white person in this fight for civil rights in America, is put my body on the line. Black and brown bodies are on the line every day just because of the color of their skin,” Talve stressed.

Sweet, merciful, God.  If I took all the anger from all the “fuck yous” ever uttered in the English language since the beginning of time and combined them into one white hot ball of steel melting rage, it wouldn’t be enough for this Rabbi.  They are not “black and brown bodies” they are people.  That is the worst fucking SJW language I have ever heard.

Not to mention I know my Jewish Civil Rights history.  We Jews put our lives on the line for Civil Rights.  Two of the Mississippi Three – civil rights activists murdered by the KKK – were Jews.  Then MLK was shot and civil rights was passed into the hands of antisemites like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan,  and most recently the intersectional Black Lives Matter.

Other Liberal Jews have jumped on the support bandwagon for this.  This Synagogue is part of the #JewishResistance.

Resistance to what?  Trump presumably.  Except he’s not building concentration camps.  The Synagogue wants to “show solidarity” but with who?  Black Lives Matter is showing solidarity with Palestinian terrorists.  Is that what this Synagogue wants to support?  Are they resisting law and order?  Because it seems like it.

These Jews have their heads screwed on backwards.

None of this justifies #GasTheSynagogue, and being the person that I am, when it comes to Nazis, I will ALWAYS be on the side of killing Nazis.  But these Lefty fucking Jews make is all that much harder to defend them.

If you want the police to protect you from the Nazis you can’t shield the people who throw bricks at the police from being arrested.  It doesn’t fucking work like that.

I swear, Social Justice makes people retarded.