Groundhog Election Day

The 2017 Alabana Senate election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore feels like the 2016 a presidential election all over again.

I have to choose between a “give everything to everyone but the people who pay a shit load of taxes” Democrat and a crazy, sex offending Republican.

Why oh why Lord are you doing this to me again?

Is this punishment for not participating in last year’s horns of a dilemma?

The election is a month away. 

Can you please send me a sign of who I should vote for?

You could smite the unworthy one, which probably means both (which by the way is alright with me). 

This is intolerable.

Hugs and Guns

My wife is preparing for impending new baby by reading mommy blogs.

Of course she gets to La Leche League or as I call them “tit Nazis.”  They are the “if you don’t breast feed you are a horrible mom who is poisoning your child and will turn them into a serial killer because they won’t feel loved” cult

So my wife finds a rebuttal to the tit Nazis in the form of an Adam Ruins Everything video.

I watched it.  I am fast forwarding to the relevant part.


Nuerochemically, giving a hug and shooting a gun do the same thing.

Taking my children to the range with a 1911 and a case of 45 is tantamount to breast feeding them.

No wonder I have so many good memories of going shooting with my dad.

Take that you “guns are bad” milquetoast pantywaists, I am having the ultimate in bonding experiences with my children.

Of Liberal Bias and Economics

While working on another post using a video from the TV show Adam Ruins Everything, I got trapped in the cycle of watching YouTube video after YouTube video.

I was a huge fan the Showtime show Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

It was great, with Penn & Teller kicking sacred cows giving you the truth.

Adam Ruins Everything is that show for millennials.  The difference is, where Penn Jillette is a Libertarian, Adam Conover is a Liberal.

Occasionally Conover gets somethings right, like why trophy hunting protects animals, making the point that if an animal has some economic value, people will protect it.  More often than not, his economics lead the viewer to big goverment Liberal conclusions.

He did an episode on college tuition and why it is so high.  He goes into when Sally Mae became a for profit enterprise.

He did the same thing with hospital billing and healthcare, going to the issue of profitability in insurance and hospitals.

Watching this, you would come to conclusion that profit is bad, corporations are evil, and college and healthcare should be free.

Except, economics show you that the profit incentive leads to efficiency and development, with higher quality and lower prices.

When I was a kid in the 80’s a cell phone was a brick that cost more than the Mercedes it was plugged into.  I got my first cell phone in college.  Now 92% of Americans have cell phones or smart phones.  They are better, cheaper, and more available to all, and all driven by profit.

The economic point that Adam jumps over is that in college and healthcare, the consumer is disconnected from the pricing.  Every study shows that the reason tuition has gone up at the rate it has is because of the availability of loans.   Students have access to unlimited loans and so colleges can charge whatever they want.  Considering that studies say that 60% of jobs will REQUIRE a college degree by 2020 it fuels a system where kids have to get loans to pay huge prices to have any hope for an employable future.

The best way to cut the cost of college is to end the subsidized loan system and allow students to get out of loans by declaring bankruptcy (thereby reducing the number of private loans by making them riskier).  Without access to loans, college tuition will have to be competitive on the market and prices will drop.  Right now it is a cartel enabled by the goverment.

Healthcare is the same.  Consumers have NO IDEA what the prices they pay are because insurance is a terrible middleman.  Pull insurance and the enabling regulations out and the cartel crumbles.

The problem here isn’t the free market, it is that the free market doesn’t exist here.

When consumers are not directly involved in consumption, buying by competitive evaluation of quality and price the system goes out of whack.

When you don’t explain THAT, the obvious solution for millennials is government price fixing, which always fails.

This is the Liberal bias of the show,

Also, he hates the Suburbs.

Yeah, I get it, there is a history of racism.  So what?  What do we do now?  I’m not moving into a tiny apartment in a city, and we saw what giving loans to people who couldn’t afford them got us – the housing bubble and sub-prime mortgage crisis.

If all you are going to do  is tell me my house and lifestyle are racist even if I’ve never engaged in discrimination and don’t propose a solution, you can cram your entire argument up your ass sideways.  I don’t need to hear how I should feel guilty about how I live with no way to make anything better for anyone else.

Proposed gun law

My wife raged at me (just venting, not mad at me) about a man in California that poured boiling water on his girlfriend’s dog while it was in its crate.

She made a point which I agree with her on.

Devin Kelley, the Sutherland Springs shooter, apparently had a history of animal abuse as well as domestic abuse.  He bought dogs on Craigslist just to kill.

Animal abuse has long be recognized as a predictor for violence against people.

I would completely support a Lautenberg Amendment type law that made misdemeanor animal abuse a prohibited possessor.

It would need to be worded carefully to prevent regular acts like hunting and fishing, non blood sports with animals like bull riding or calf roping, scientific/medical research involving animals, or animal husbandry acts like gelding from being included.

Deliberately abusing an animal or animal blood sports (dog fighting, cock fighting, etc), should however disqualify a person from owning guns.

Anybody who buys dogs to torture should be banned from possessing firearms before they graduate to killing people.

Feel free to disagree with me, but it’s how I feel.

Gun Free Zone Public Service Announcement

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Wives, Husbands, Mothers, and Fathers,

With the news of Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Roy More, David Corn, Kevin Spacey and all the other news that has proven that Hollywood and Washington D.C. are just Sodom and Gomorrah, I thought I would pass along a useful factoid.

It is difficult for a man to maintain an erection when suffering from hypovolemic shock.  

Miserable wretches

Following my post on the lynch mob at Evergreen State, i started thinking more about that Muslim social justice warrior there, and the rise of the power of groups like the Muslim Students Association on liberal college campuses.

I believe there is a connection.

There is a quote by Ayatollah Khomeini, the First Supreme Leader of Iran, that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it.

Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.”

His statement is not baseless.

Islam prohibits “excessive laughter” because it “deadens the heart.”  There is a whole series of rules that Muslims must follow when telling jokes, that pretty much make sure Muslims can’t be funny.

Call me an Islamophobe all you want, but I have serious reservations about a religion that has fewer reservations about killing people than it does about telling jokes.

I think this is why Social Justice spends so much time supporting and defending Islam.  Going so far as to punish once beloved groups like LGBT students for criticizing the violence against LGBT in Islamic nations.

Campus Social Justice activists worked tirelessly to ruin everbody’s halloween fun with rules upon rules of what is appropriate.

Campus Social Justice is why comedians are not playing on colleges anymore.

Miguel covered this one earlier, but Social Justice is even out to take all the fun out of sex.

But it is no longer enough for Social Justice to suck the fun out of fun things, they must inject misery into everyday live.

They are brothers in ideological arms. At face value this seems odd, religious zealots vs. atheist Liberals.  But in reality they are both groups that what total hegemonic control of every aspect of people’s lives.

I don’t Social Justice Warrior is accurate anymore, they are Progressive Jihadis.