‘Nads in the house.

Husband: “There was only one way to stop him,” said Roger. “I didn’t shoot to kill, which I could have. I lowered the gun and I shot him.”

Wife: “I wish I would have taken that gun away from my husband, and I would have killed him,” she said. “I think we had every right to defend our house. Doesn’t everybody?”

And now we know who’s got the testosterone flowing in that household.

Stupidity is International.

I’ve been following several blogs where the theme is Mall Ninja Instructors doing all kinds of stupid stuff up to an including shooting at targets nearby a student downrange. But just to show we don’t have the monopoly on sheer imbecility, this “instructor” (please pronounce with Spanish accent) goes balls to the walls with different platforms against a moron that lets him.

Why do they lie? Because they can.

Apparently Miami is a hot spot for illegally providing foreign gangs with weapons and explosives bought at our local gun shops. yep! Kid you not.

According to our local CBS station and the local ATF agents, any Jose Shmoe can acquire ” guns, explosives and other weapons. he weapons and explosives are shipped to gangs, drug cartels and other criminal groups from Central and South America to Europe and the Middle East………..But other guns, explosives, grenades, bomb materials and even parts for I-E-D’s (improvised explosive devices) get through and get shipped overseas.”

Seriously? Pray do tell us which local gun store had a sale of plastic explosives, detonators and assorted IED parts. While I do not deny that gun smuggling happens is South Florida, portraying local gun stores as the equivalent of the Taliban’s Home Depot is somewhat disingenuous… OK, it is unmitigated bullshit. Then again I am not surprised what comes out when the Main Stream Media and the ATF get together.

Facepalm News: Graiglist Car Buying. Have you gotten the message yet?

How is it that in the era of the Information Superhighway, 24 hour news cycle and other assorted informational providers, we have people that have not gotten the idea that buying a car through Craiglist and the prospective buyer/seller requests to meet at a dark & remote location at the weird hours of the day is a huge neon sign in Sensurround screaming DON’T FRIGGING DO IT!

Of course, if you had previous negative experiences and still don’t get it, there is nothing much we can do for you other than ask you where do you want the flowers sent.

According to Mondejar, he and his girlfriend met the seller of the used vehicle in the parking lot, but the seller ended up robbing them. “Everything was good, and then held me and my girlfriend at gunpoint,” said Mondejar. “I’ve been robbed before, but nothing like this.