Month: May 2011

It is not just about guns. It is about self-reliance.

Brothers and Sisters, I come here to testify about the miracle of a Gun Culture. It cures the Blind! Praise the Lord and Pass The Ammunition!

OK, so it sounds a bit ( a lot) sacrilegious, but it is true. I have not met yet anybody who has come to partake the Gun Culture seriously and not see him or her have her eyes open to the harsh reality that we are alone when things go terribly wrong. And once they have realized that, go ahead and take preparations to minimize the horrible consequences it might bring.

This goes farther than just the act of defending oneself if attacked by a criminal with deadly intentions or possible grave bodily harm results. That is the first step.  Soon after people start to realize that preparation is key not only to survive an attack but as good yardstick to use in every day life. they inquire, learn and prepare for what could happen instead of trying to figure out what to do. Once they realize how unprepared they were, their eyes open wide and spare no time preparing for eventualities.

Modern life gives us many choices in the way we live. If our neighborhood food store is out of milk, you can rest assured the gas station half a block down the road is sure to have at least an overpriced half a gallon of it. I have the choice of either drive to a Big Block Bookstore and get the latest release from my favorite author or order it on line from many sources. I love it. I am lzay by nature and enjoy having more time for other pursuits than wasting time moving from point A to point B searching for an item.

I am adult enough to know all these modernism rides in precarious balancing act that will come crashing down if enough pressure is applied. We in the Gun Culture jokingly call it The End Of The World As We Know It or TEOWAWKI and deals with what to do in the event of the collapse of normal social services and protections. What are you going to do when that gallon of milk is not available? Or the grocery store is no longer there because it was erased by a major natural event or even human intervention? How much water and food do you have on reserve? How much do you depend on refrigeration and how a major power failure that is going to affect your food supply? Are you taking any medication? How many days of medication do you have in case the local pharmacy is out of business? Do you even have a First responder kit other than the $5 plastic box you got at the checkout of Wally World? Can you offer first aid? Can you give yourself first aid? Do you have the implements to defend your family and yourself against those that decide to take your provisions because they did not prepare for it?

These are not irrational questions. Just last Winter many parts of the US were hit by gigantic blizzards and some families were stuck out of reach for days in their homes. Some died in their cars because they had not prepared for the eventuality of being trapped. Anybody with a lick of sense in the Southern coast of the US will have Hurricane Kits and preparations going right now as we enter the hurricane season and the smart ones will remember the lessons of Andrew and Katrina specially when dealing with unhinged unprepared survivors and runaway government authority overwhelmed by the events.

But apparently if we think and plan ahead we are “dangerous,” somehow we are a threat to society because we dare not to depend on the “kindness” of government to get us out of trouble.  We are called “insurrectionist,” “militia-types,” “Paranoid” and eschew our lifestyle . I really do not care what they call me as long as they do not try to make my preparations illegal so we are forced to suffer alongside them when things go bad. I really do not care if you have one bottle of water and a can of tuna to endure the 5 week-long time for society to recover, you made your choice and you must live with it, But when in your pettiness and jealousy try to make illegal my preparations to survive the bad times, you are directly threatening my life and the life of my loved ones. I do not take kindly to that stupidity and I will fight you for as long as it is necessary.

And may the Lord keep you and your family safe, because He knows that if something happens and you are not prepared, in the most un-christian manner I will not raise one finger to help you or mourn your passing at the hands of evildoers, sickness, accident, thirst or hunger.  As a crotchety friend of mine is fond to say: “You made your choice, you died, you lost. Fuck you, I win.” Or words to that effect.

Stay the hell away from my life.

One thing I don’t get about Bin Laden’s burial.

If we have been told over and over that Bin Laden and the rest of his Merry Loons do not represent Islam, why did we bend over backwards by providing the asshole a burial according to the Muslim faith? Either he is a  Muslim or he is not.

By giving him that burial we indeed told the Muslim World that they are 100% represented by the deeds of Bin laden and Company.  I thought that is what we were trying to avoid.

If the geniuses an the WH were trying to appease the nutjobs and avoid getting them and at us, where the hell have you guys been? In case you haven’t noticed, we are not being liked much.  Real Life is not a Facebook status.

Color me skeptical.

But I am starting to smell foul play about these “posts.” The language used is maximized to elicit rage against Gun Owners and more pity for Joan Peterson. Now, we already have discovered anti-gun people posting in forums/blogs and comment sections of On Line Media as NRA members supporting a variety of Gun Control laws, sort of Lone Wolf-AHSA trying to muddy the waters. So I am not altogether convinced that this guy is a gun activist but an agent provocateur much like (Donna Fisher AKA @ Twitter clayfisher) who was roaming the NRA convention looking for trouble.

Oh well, irrelevancy is not supposed to go quietly I guess.

M.H.I. coming to a TV near you soon (Hopefully!)

Larry Corriea just announced in his blog that he sold the right to Monster Hunter International to Entrainment One Television.

Having been a fan since he was self publishing MHI, it feels like my favorite relative just hit the damn lotto and I cannot stop smiling. It could not have happened to a better guy.

Hail Monster Hunters! We are gonna be on TV! (At least in spirit!) Lock and Load!

And to celebrate, I am going to drop by Barnes and Noble this afternoon and get me a copy of Hard Magic (Grimnoir Chronicles Series #1).