Month: February 2018

Florida Democrats trying to dismantle every gun law in the books. (No-Shit Urgent)

I got to check the proposed amendments to be discussed and it is the shopping list from hell. Some amendments already rejected, keep being reintroduced .

These are the bad Amendments to be heard tomorrow.

  • Repeal State Pre-emption.
  • Assault Weapons Ban light.
  • Assault Weapon Ban Weinstein Feinstein-Style.*
  • Safe Storage of weapons to forbid concealed carry when minors are near.
  • Add Country Administration buildings as Gun Free Zones.
  • Universal Background Checks.
  • Repeal the Second Amendment in Florida.
  • Firearm Registration.
  • Moratorium on sales, transfers and delivery of AR 15 rifles for 2 years for a “study.”
  • Bump Fire stock & devices ban.
  • Making murders in schools “illegaler” than outside the school.
  • Parent can remove a child from classroom if the teacher is carrying. That means making public what teacher carries and invalidating the principle.

You know what to do and courtesy of the NRA, here is what you need:

Tomorrow, March 1, 2018, the Florida Senate will take up SB-7026, a bill that punishes gun owners.

Urge them to provide armed security in schools and tighten mental health laws to keep guns out of the hands of those who are a danger to themselves or others BUT LEAVE THE RIGHTS OF LAW-ABIDING GUN OWNERS ALONE.


(To send your message to all just Block and Copy All email addresses into the “Send To” box),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • I meant Feinstein, but if this shit passes, we will feel like we were roofied and spent the weekend with Weinstein.

It is now a game of “Who says the dumbest/outrageous thing about guns

And Senator Dianne Feinstein has the lead.

I have been stabbed by nails. In fact about 10 days ago I stepped on one, it hurt. Then again I have seen people wounded and dead because of handgun rounds.

There is a wee bit of difference. A pistol shot to the head most likely kill you or leave you drooling or voting Democrat for the rest of your life. However nails to the head, even when shot from a nail gun 12 times tend to be very survivable.  

They can’t win with the truth so they resort to outlandish bullshit.

Hey Rabbi

THIS is why I cannot stand progressive Jews.

I own guns because I know what happened to Jews that didn’t own guns.

How did she become a Rabbi and not learn the story of David.  When the Philistines came for us, David defeated him with a high velocity rock.

When they come for us again, it will more high velocity rocks that save us. 

Mine says Bushmaster on the side.

Design review at Boston Dynamics

Manager: “I saw your new robot, what do you call it? Spot?

Engineer: “Yes sir, Spot.”

Manager: “Well it is creepy and disturbing, but it doesn’t exactly have that same ‘strikes fear deep into your soul’ quality that our other robots have.  Is there something you can do about that?”

Engineer: “Well, we have a design for an actuator arm that looks like a snake designed by the devil.  We can use that to give Spot a head.  Also, the devil-snake-arm-head will be able to open doors.”

Manager: *Piss starts running down his leg* “I think you are onto something.”

Engineer: “I’ll let the boys in assembly know.”

There is a huge conspiracy and nobody is talking about.

It is not the Lizard People or the Illuminati or Area 51 or the Black Helicopters, no. It is mores sinister because it is more close to home than anything else.

I am talking about the conspiracy regarding PVC Cement.

If you have ever done two PVC jobs, you are privy of this mystery: The purple cleaner lasts forever, the cement dries and disappears in six months.

I can see you nodding out there. You know you have a can of the purple stuff probably since Bush the Younger was elected president but you needed to get a new can of cement every fiscal year or even before.

Plumbers say that I am full of it. But what do they know? They go through that shit so fast, they never give it time to do the disappearing act. It is the home owner who works his own plumbing that has noticed it and has to make the solitary and embarrassing trek to the Big Box retailer to buy the pitiful eight ounce can of cement.

I just wanted to share my suspicions with the world. I am on my way to Home Depot to get a can myself, but I used the “Pick Up at the Service Counter” internet sale thing. I’ll be embarrassed, but I will do it with convenience.

There are shields and then there are shields.

Friend of mine posted the following abut Emma “Sinead” Gonzalez:

Every last thing about her was chosen to be a human shield against criticism. Her age, her hair, her nationality, her sexuality, her proximity to an event.

And I simply do not give a damn. When I came to the US in the 80s, I learned a quaint and very illustrative saying:

“If you want to play with the big dogs, you cannot pee like a puppy.”

I already announced that I am done playing with their rules at my disadvantage. I want to play mine and play hard. Do I care if her feelings are hurt? Not one bit. My rights will always supersede her feelings. She does not realize that she has somebody’s hand up her ass and being played like a ventriloquist’s dummy, just not funny or productive.

I am sure the Sinead Gonzalez thinks herself as the new hotness and believes that she has a future in politics and whatnot. But I have news for her: She is a disposable face that will be discarded soon after this particular cycle is over.

Colin Goddard was a real survivor of a Mass Shooter, Virginia Tech. He eve had a got involved in a tear-jerker of a documentary. He was drafted by the Brady Campaign and the traded to Moms Demand.


And dear Mamita Sinead, you are not even the first Hispanic. Richard Martinez was picked up by Bloomberg’s Everytown for Sugary Soda Safety. Her son was killed by Elliot Rodger in 2014.

They are both gone now. No use for the Gun Control groups that your are a part of now. Sooner rather than later your image and voice will grate on people’s nerves and you will become a negative influence, monies will start to flow to the coffers and your calls, texts and emails will be ignored.

Dear Sinead Gonzalez: You have a celebrity expiration date. Prepare to be disappointed.

PS: If your neighbor was robbed and killed in a break-in while you were at your house watching Netflix, you are not a survivor of a home invasion. OK?

That means if you were not in the same building and floor where the shooting occurred, you did not survive the massacre. You were not even a spectator.