Month: December 2019

VoteVets confirms some of my fears

A short while back I wrote a post The coming US Junta or O’Sullivan’s Law and the US Military.

While I agree that there are many patriotic Americans who join the military to serve this country and would defy any order that harms its citizens, I don’t think that describes our entire military.

Case in point, Vote Vets.

VoteVets is a Progressive political organization, emphasis on Progressive.

If you have not been following foreign affairs, protesters (what CNN calls violent Islamists) are storming the American embassy in Baghdad, with the backing of Iran, waving the flags of Iranian backed Islamist terrorist organizations.

This is how VoteVets responded to this news.

At Benghazi, four Americans, two of who were former Navy SEALs, were killed.

A Progressive veterans organization is giddy with the idea of American diplomatic personnel and servicemen just to for Trump to have some egg on his face.

Is this the esprit de corps of the US military?

What sort of veterans say, let alone think, “I hope my comrades overseas get killed to make Bad Orange Man look bad.”

What do you think such soldiers would do on the battlefield?

How quickly would these servicemen turn on civilians on the other side of the political aisle?

I don’t need the military to be a bastion of GOP voting Conservatives.  But “anything embarrasses Bad Orange Man, even the deaths of US troops at the hands of terrorists” is not an attitude that should exist in the ranks.

This is no different than the anti-gunners who are disappointed by a CCW taking out a shooter in a Texas church because a high body count mass shooting helps their anti-gun activism.

This does not bode well for the military.

It’s like they don’t know what really happened

As seen on the internet:

Seven guns drawn by permit holders and not one crossfire shootout.

No innocents killed by police.

This demonstrably did not happen.

Still, they are going with it.

I love the “what if” game.

Also, this person only has a simple mind.

Who needs facts when you have an agenda to push?

Tom Nichols proves why his “expertise” killed expertise

Tom Nichols was one of those special “conservatives” that was allowed to write for Leftist magazines like The Atlantic.  Meaning that he was not a Conservative, but a Liberal who didn’t have a Che shirt in college.

He’s an author and academic who specializes in national security and Russian affairs.

Since the election of Donald Trump, he took to writing shit like this:

Why this Never Trump ex-Republican will vote for almost any 2020 Democratic nominee
I’m good with anyone who is mentally stable and in no way sympathetic or beholden to a hostile foreign power. That’s it. Policy just doesn’t matter.

Because that is a totally rational and principled position to take.  Especially in the wake of multiple investigations that showed there was no Trump collusion with foreign powers.

That a man who teaches at the Naval War College on the topic of Russian affairs bought into the “Russian collusion” narrative should be a total disqualifier from that job and everything else in his life.

That he was hired to teach at the Naval War College is everything wrong about what Obama and his appointed military leadership did to the US military.

He wrote a book called The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters.

This is how Harvard Magazine describes the book, written by one of the school’s professors (because of course, he teaches there).

People were no longer merely uninformed, Nichols says, but “aggressively wrong” and unwilling to learn. They actively resisted facts that might alter their preexisting beliefs. They insisted that all opinions, however uninformed, be treated as equally serious. And they rejected professional know-how, he says, with such anger. That shook him.

Skepticism toward intellectual authority is bone-deep in the American character, as much a part of the nation’s origin story as the founders’ Enlightenment principles. Overall, that skepticism is a healthy impulse, Nichols believes. But what he was observing was something else, something malignant and deliberate, a collapse of functional citizenship. “Americans have reached a point where ignorance, especially of anything related to public policy, is an actual virtue,” he would write in the preface to The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Expertise and Why It Matters, which was published by Oxford last year and quickly became a bestseller. “To reject the advice of experts is to assert autonomy, a way for Americans to insulate their increasingly fragile egos from ever being told they’re wrong about anything.” Further down the page, he would add: “I’m worried.”

Here is the problem with Nichols’ assertion.

He’s a fucking narcissistic idiot.

Nichols graduated from Boston University, the same school that gave us the idiotic socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  He teaches at Harvard, the same school that hired Bradley “Chelsea” Manning as a digital security Fellow (later rescinded due to public outcry), and gave a full ride to David Hogg.

It was kids at Harvard that forced the school to turn away Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a visiting professor because the students felt unsafe because of the dubious allegations against him.

It was also the Ivy League MBA’s that crashed the housing market with their unethical fuckery and legal thievery hiding it behind B-School jargon.

(If you’ve never seen The Big Short, you should.  Just don’t drink while you’re doing it or you’ll end up in your garage trying to build a guillotine.)

The problem that Nichols laments is a result of the democratization of information, or as Reason TV puts it The 2010s: When the Media Lost Their Gatekeepers.

The “experts” were wrong about almost everything.  Everything they touched turned to shit.

They crashed the housing market and the economy and told us that Hillary Clinton would be President.

The “experts” do not have expertise based on an analysis of the empirical evidence.  They have their prejudices reinforced from inside their elite echo chambers.

The public has come to realize that and doesn’t want to listen to these idiots and assholes anymore.

Case in point, his opinion on CCW:

Even when I was a Republican, I never understood people who measure freedom by how many of us walk around with guns. This is a cultural change, the spreading of the gun culture from a corner of the GOP to the entire conservative moment. /1

The spread of gun worship is conservative virtue-signaling. Never liked it when I was among my old tribe, and it’s gotten worse as “conservatives” try to figure out new markers for what makes them “patriots” now that they’ve had to sell out so much actual patriotism to Trump. /2

When I was a kid, everyone had a gun. Most of my neighbors. Teachers. (Lots more veterans in those days.) But it was not a culture of “I went for a coffee and wore my gun because damn it, I’m an American.” My GOP voting family and friends never talked about guns. Why would we? /3

Among the working class guys who all owned guns, talking a lot about guns was weird. You had them, it was your right, you left it at that. We didn’t measure our sense of worth by whether we were going to go face down the gangbangers around our church in the 70s. /4

I’m uncomfortable with people who worship guns and feel the need to have them nearby 24/7 not because of guns, but because I’m uncomfortable with people who worship guns. That this is now a litmus test for “conservatives” tells you something sad about conservatism. /5x

He was an Acela Corridor Republican, from a suburb of Springfield, Massachusets.  He has no knowledge of gun culture from the South or Midwest, but he will criticize us and lecture us and tell us why we are weird.

“Those dirty southerners, making being a Republican something unbecoming for a Harvard man.”

You can feel the anti-Southern and anti-Midwestern bigotry drip from him.

It’s not that he hates guns.  Guns that are possessed by and under the lock and key of the US Government.  He just hates gun owners who have a desire for the right to self-defense.

And he wonders why nobody outside his bubble gives a shit about his opinion?

Because his opinion is the products of a lack of brain oxygenation from him sniffing his own farts too much.

The surge in gun culture among the GOP was the result of the Brady Bill and AWB.  They kicked that hornet’s nest when they tried to turn the rest of the US into “The Republic of New Yorkafornia.”

And again, it was something pushed by “experts” that didn’t do one iota of what it was claimed to do.

His entire argument is:

“Why won’t you let me beat you down, degrade you, and take away your rights, anymore?  I teach at an Ivy League, I know better than you, so you need to shut up and learn your place.”

There is a reason there is a “death of expertise,” “experts” like Nichols’ proved why it needed to die.

Shannon Watts says concealed carry CAUSES church shootings

According to Shannon Watts, the reason that a crazy man went into a church and killed two people was that Texas expanded concealed carry to include places of worship.

This applies only to concealed carry, with a permit.  Not a guy with a criminal record and a history of mental illness carrying a shotgun under his trench coat.

That difference is not important to an anti-gun zealot like Watts.

I wonder what the Muslims in Christchurch think about that, considering that New Zealand had, by American standards, pretty strict gun laws even before that shooting.

And again, she focuses only on shootings.  Looking up “church bombing” shows that for most of the rest of the world, the most dangerous thing a Christian can do is go to Church in a country with a large Muslim population.  Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Turkey, and Egypt have strong gun laws (on the books, if not in practice), that doesn’t stop the killing.

But this tweet implies the same thing as her last, that expanded concealed carry caused the White Settlement shooting.

It didn’t.  The shooting was cut short by a person with a concealed carry permit who was armed because of this change in Texas’ law.

So Watts has to lie about that too.

Jack Wilson is a hero, but this narrative is bullshit.  Wilson was a Hood County Reserve Deputy Sheriff from 1980-1986.  So for six years, back in the early 1980s, he volunteered for 20 hours per month of helping out in a rural county in central Texas, that had a population of about 20,000 people.

His skills and ability with a pistol in that moment of crisis were entirely due to his time as a civilian firearms instructor, teaching the CHL class that she bemoans in her Tweet.

The “highly trained” person with a gun is as if not more likely to be a CCW holder than a LEO, unless the LEO is a “gun guy” who likes to shoot on his own time.

Furthermore, the reality of the shooting showed just how wrong the Time article was.  Despite seven people with CCW drawing their guns, there was no confused shootout that increased the body count.  The reason that most mass shootings are not stopped by CCW holders is that they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time to do much to stop it.

There was at least one armed citizen at Cielo Vista Mall near the Walmart in El Paso during the shooting. Army Pfc. Glendon Oakley said in interviews that he was carrying a licensed handgun and drew it when he heard the gunshots on Saturday. “That’s what you do,” he told the military publication Task & Purpose. “You pull your gun, you find cover and you figure out what to do next.”  But, he said he didn’t see the shooter and so instead focused on rescuing as many children as he could in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

That’s right.  If I’m at Walmart with my CCW, I’m not going to try and cross the store, hunting for the bad guy.  That’s for the cops with long guns and body armor.

But because these CCW holders did not stop mass shooters, that is reason enough to limit concealed carry.

Again, this is the Leftist’s childish idea that anything that isn’t perfect must be banned.

So she fretts about other states also allowing Church CCW.

Yep, we Alabama rednecks like the idea of being able to protect ourselves,  especially in our Churches – and Synagogues.  Ever since the Sutherland Springs church shooting, gun ranges have been filled with classes for volunteer church guards.  My only complaint is that I haven’t seen any other members of the local Jewish population enrolled.

But her dishonestly doesn’t end there.

We don’t know how this guy got his gun, but that has never mattered to Watts.

That she appealed to Brian Stelter of CNN, probably one of the most dishonest people on the most dishonest media network to be the arbiter of fairness shows you just how biased she is.

Of course, she wants to retreat to the home of the disastrous Parkland Town Hall two-hour hate, that have disgraced Sheriff Scott Israel a platform to defend is ineptitude.

Everything she said was wrong and distorted.  Her cause is not righteous, so she lies.


Leftist commits homicide to spite the NRA, anti-gunners amplify his message

This would probably be bigger news if the Monsey Hanukkah Stabbing and White Settlement Chruch Shooting hadn’t eclipsed it.

Husband allegedly shoots and kills wife and pets Thursday morning west of Bellingham

A woman was allegedly shot and killed by her husband in their home west of Bellingham Thursday morning, Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo told The Bellingham Herald.

When deputies arrived, they found a 58-year-old woman dead from an apparent gunshot wound, Elfo said. The woman’s 56-year-old husband was also found inside the apartment with a self-inflicted gunshot wound and he was taken to a local hospital, Elfo said.

The identities of the pair have not been released, pending notification of family, Elfo said.

Deputies also found a dog and cat dead from gunshot wounds, Elfo said.

A man killed his wife, her pets, and attempted to kill himself.  This is horrible and sad and tragic.

But it gets worse.

Man accused of fatally shooting Bellingham principal may have admitted it on Twitter

The Bellingham man accused of fatally shooting his wife, who was a Bellingham elementary school principal, and their two pets Thursday morning may have admitted to killing his family in Twitter replies to the National Rifle Association, the President of the United States and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

While the Twitter account belonging to Kevin Heimsoth could not be verified by The Bellingham Herald or others at McClatchy, a number of aspects point to it belonging to Kevin Heimsoth: The account is associated with email accounts and phone numbers that belong to him; the account associated with Lynn Heimsoth followed this account; she retweeted the account at least once.

Here is a capture of the Tweet:

He also blamed Senator Mitch McConnell as well.

His history shows that he was a raging anti-Trump Leftist.

This is clearly an unhinged man.  That he chose to confess to the murder he committed and use that to blame the NRA and Republicans shows a level of personal disturbance that is off the charts.

And guess to decided to amplify his message?

This is grotesque, and some perverse sort of martyrdom.

There is no other way to describe it.

Watts and Guttenberg are now cheering on premeditated murder committed by anti-gun activists if they spite the NRA.

“I murdered my wife so that the government can take your rights away” is next level evil and the anti-gun activist industry is endorsing it.

This is the level they will stoop to get at us, because it’s not about gun safety, it’s about hating gun owners.

The ***holes On Our Side.

This was a copy/paste from a friend in Facebook who got it from somewhere else there. It pissed me off and I want to share the emotion with you.


“Friends, I don’t want to break the 72 Hour Rule, but PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP stop spouting the “good guy with a gun” mantra on the Texas church shooting.

Good morning and fuck you. You don’t like “good guy with a gun”? Guess what? Neither does the idiots in Gun Control. It makes them mad that a simple sentence reflecting so much truth can destroy their business


There were good guys with guns there whose firearm did nothing, good guys there whose firearm actively endangered others for a bit, a very good man whose gun didn’t get in the fight fast enough who died, and another very good man who not only had a gun but a high level of skill in using that gun who actually made a positive difference.

Ah! I can smell the wafting scent of the elitist Tacticool asshole. You can always tell because they resent that Ma and Pa Smith have guns with them but have never taken a class of Ninja SWAT Shooting While Rappelling From a Helicopter.


The first usher who the murderer was yelling at may well have been able to dive on that shotgun and stop him with no gun, had he been trained and prepared to do so and known the principles of controlling someone with a long gun.

You know? This shit won’t happen to Tacticool Boy because he is always ready, his awareness never fails. He is a deadly pistoleer that nobody will catch with his pants down.  “He shall never be ambushed!” is his motto while the spirit of Wild Bill Hickok laughs at this guy’s conceit. And by the way, criticizing the guy who gave his life in defense of the parishioners because he did not know some Stephen Segal Fauxkido move is really low.

“The only thing that will stop a madman bent on killing people with a shotgun is a good person with the trained skill set and mindset to do so. If he’s at any distance, a gun really helps him do that.”

True, but not everybody has a couple of thousand bucks to spare and a week to take off from work so they can go to a (your?) Tacticool class on how to roll off an SUV at 45 mph while shooting at all paper targets in the ‘A’ Zone. The bes they can do is go to a square range, shoot a couple of boxes at a B-27 target.  Of course, you could always offer free classes to the unwashed Gun Owners or at least a very discounted Groupon.

But two things: 1. That doesn’t make a good slogan to banter about and tribal signal with, and 2. You can’t buy a trained skill set and mindset at the gun store, you have to Do The Work and earn that.”

1-No and that is the point about slogans, particularly this very successful one and 2- as a matter of fact, you sound like a douchebag who would support laws forcing Gun Owners to take 3 days worth of classes before even owning a gun in order to line up your pockets.

PS: Next time, before engaging on a sales pitch for your “academy” at least let the bodies cool off and be buried and the families grieve.

Fucking Vulture.

Why Leftist enclaves turn into third world hell holes

I saw Miguel’s post They Want You Dead: OC In Colorado.

I went to the Twitter account of the woman who made the (now deleted) post.

She is an unhinged Leftist.  Completely.

Everything she Tweets is a debunked conspiracy theory about Trump and the GOP all being Putin puppets.  Her account is a TDS temper tantrum.

Miguel is right.  This woman wanted to kill those guys OCing, but I would stipulate that it’s more likely that she was too cowardly to do it than being held back by having two kids in the car.

But this got me thinking.

It seems more and more that every deep Blue bubble in this country (and the equivalent in Europe) is turning into a Third World shit-hole.  Complete with shit on the streets and once eradicated diseases coming back.

Have you ever wondered why Afghanistan or The Congo or Somalia are such shit holes?  Why the Third World is what it is when these places often have such bountiful natural resources?

The answer is tribalism.  All humans are tribal, that’s our nature.  But tribalism comes in degrees.

Healthy societies can put tribalism aside to work together because no one tribe has a monopoly on intellect or skills or work ethic or value.

In Third World shit-holes, tribalism rules all.  The people live steeped in hatred of all other tribes.  They do little more than constantly hate and fight with other tribes, doing little more work than it takes to survive by subsistence living.

From Somalia to Afghanistan, life is mostly about getting revenge against other tribes for their attacks on you, that they committed for your attacks on them.  And around and around it goes.

When a natural resource is discovered, rather than build infrastructure and invite investment, tribal leaders go to war over it and the winner enslaves the rest to mine diamonds or gold or coltan by hand.

Now think about the Blue enclaves in the US.

The supreme motivation for these politicians is “fuck Trump.”

Repairing roads, creating business-friendly economic climates, investing programs that will grow jobs takes a back seat to “fuck Trump” and squandering resources for the members of their tribe.

These places are turning into Thrid World shit-holes because they have a Thrid World shit-hole mentality, an all-consuming hatred of anyone outside the tribe.