Month: February 2024

What is going on

Things I didn’t have on my 2024 Bingo card is the Democrat former Congresswoman from Hawaii becoming a tactical games gun bunny.


A Son’s of Liberty rifle and a Staccato 2011?

That is some damn expensive, top-tier gear.

I guess losing a presidential race and becoming a talking head on TV pays well.

Why are you not carrying a gun in synagogue yet?


I know Temple Emanuel in Miami Beach.

I’ve worshiped there.

I’ve catered food there.

It is one of the most beautiful synagogues in the country.

The Jew-hating Palestinian activists are going into synagogues to harass Jews.

Soon, they will go in to harm Jews.

I understand the point the Rabbi is trying to make, that these people are engaged in mid-level violence and he doesn’t want his congregants to be caught on camera hitting Palestinian protesters.

But you know my opinion on mid-level violence, and how the response should be extreme violence. These people should leave that synagogue without teeth. Then they won’t come back.


NY congressional candidate tells us how he really feels

This is Nate McMurrhy, he’s running for congress in New York.


This is how he feels about the Second Amendment.


See, you, the constituent, are a dumbass and you’re a psycho because you have a personal arsenal in your basement and he’s going to infringe on it.

The military, i.e., the well regulated militia according to him, can keep their assault rifles.  Presumably to use against you and your private arsenal.

When a Democrat tells you that you’re a dumbass and he’s going to infringe upon you, believing him.

The sad part is that this is a winning message in New York.

Our Political Overlords

I was traveling recently with family when I ran into a couple of issues with my WiFi.

There first was at a Days Inn. Free WiFi which I connected to so I could checkup on things.

I could not login or even see postings on the site.

I then checked a few other sites. All of them found via google search.,, Nation Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, Firearms Policy Coalition, and maybe a few others.

All except for Second Amendment Foundation were blocked.

Of course I just setup proxies or a VPN to get connections outside of the playpen they had attempted to lock me into.

It turns out that his is Spectrum’s “content filtering”.

I tested again at a different public WiFi, same results, service also provided by Spectrum.

My opinion is that this is Spectrum’s default.

So when you are wondering why people don’t know history or other opinions, know that the censorship is real.

I’m not going to babysit your pitbull, I’m going to shoot it

Two pitbull stories for today:

Azusa dog attack: Dog sitters mauled by pit bulls

A man and his mother are recovering after being mauled by the four pit bulls they were dog sitting.

The man was in the backyard, watching the dogs for his friend, when he was attacked. His mom tried to intervene, but she too was attacked.

“You can tell his body looked a little lifeless, like he couldn’t move. And after you can see his mom coming out with all his knees covered in blood, her legs with bite marks,” said witness Briidiana Gutierrez.

Authorities identify Compton pit bull breeder mauled to death by his own dogs

Authorities Tuesday identified the man suspected of breeding pit bulls that was mauled to death by dogs last week in Compton.

Officials with the sheriff’s office said the mauling was believed to have occurred around 7:30 or 8 p.m. Thursday, and there is surveillance video that depicts at least part of the attack. The investigator said Cooper appeared to have been feeding the dogs when some of them began fighting, leading to his attack.

Investigators said there were 13 dogs total at the home, five of them adult and the others considered puppies ranging in age from four to six months. Los Angeles County Animal Control responded to the residence to remove the pit bulls from the backyard area. Cooper appeared to have been “involved in breeding and selling pit bulls,” according to the county agency.

Pitbulls kill their owner and maul their dog-sitters

Tell me again how pitbulls are a nanny breed.

If I see a pitbull around my family, I’m going to shoot it.