And you thought Dredd Scott was dead. Holy crap, I can’t say anything else out of sheer shock.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Amazing admission of racism by the L.A. Times”
  1. Is there supposed to be a link to some article here? I just see one line of text “And you thought…” followed by the “angry cybernetic gnomes” signature line. No other content.

  2. Mr Jones “knows” what white people are thinking about him when he’s at the range, but I bet you dollars to donuts that he would be the first to yell racism & prejudgment if someone says that about him…..
    And he wonders why some people feel that way about blacks in general.

    1. Mind-reading is a leftist thing. Ever since college days, I would carefully, calmly, honestly explain my reasons for holding a position, then some leftist would chime in that he knew “what [I] really think”. Then he’d rattle off a long-winded set of strawmen that had no connection to what I had said earlier, but did serve to make me a demon in his eyes.

      I guess it’s part of their absolute assurance that they know what’s correct and that any disagreement with them comes from evil motives — and it’s a large part why I don’t bother arguing with leftists. They’re dishonest about what I believe, and experience tells me they’re equally dishonest about what they believe.

  3. *sigh* This crap again? Perhaps this is why Progressives are found throughout the film industry: they excel at projection. The old “as soon as blacks start buying guns, whites will be for gun control” schtick hasn’t been true for a very long time, if ever, among 2nd amendment supporters in general, at least going by what I read on pro-gun websites and from what I hear at the range (1),(2).
    (1) There of course will be some who do feel this way; and I rest assured the reporters will interview 1000 supporters of the second amendment just to find that one … and then ignore the remaining 999.
    (2) Of course, if you act like an unsafe idiot, or are otherwise behaving like an ass at the range, people will be unhappy with you no matter whether you’re white, black, brown, or green with little pink spots. Having never shot with this person, I can’t say how I’d react to shooting next to him. However, the last time I shot next to a black dude at the range, we wound up swapping guns for a few magazines and comparing notes on build-it-yourself ARs.

    1. If I see someone who’s green with little pink spots, I’m gonna commit a microaggression and ask him where’s he’s from.

      1. Ask to try phris Mark XXIV plasma discharger first … just in case that turns out to be a sensitive question. (Phre might not be … but you never can tell.)

    2. Part of the impression that gun people hate blacks is cultural.

      When I first started going to the range I would be put on the non-members side. Non-members side had the range officer much more on top of things. They were more likely to step in and make a comment. Not an issue for me.

      Only time I actually had an issue was when they were concerned about an AR leaning against the wall in my booth. “Not pointed in a safe direction.” Solved that by pushing the take down pin and rotating it into an L.

      There were certain cultural groups that always caused me concern. These were often the slightly larger group of young people that didn’t seem to be all that sure of themselves. These were the people much more likely to muzzle themselves or others or do unsafe things. They were often talking and chattering and not paying attention.

      There was another group that always caused me a little concern, these were the people that were mimicking the behaviors of thugs in the movies. Holding the weapon on its side. Just being overly rambunctious in an almost unsafe way. They always had a range safety officer near.

      I will repeat that it was the way these people were acting. I know that I’ve shot next to different people of color and nationality and from different walks of life. I can’t tell you how many times because I didn’t notice. They were obviously part of gun culture and if not, they were just polite people.

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