Do you know what you do today will stop the end of the world in 12 years? How do we fight it and survive? By placing a banner in an pedestrian overpass!

It was not taken well by the Pod-eating generation that swear will save us with their scientific knowledge acquired in the latest app by Bill Nye n they wish me to die soon.

After I posted that, I figured I should share with you guys:

I have been hearing tales of Environmental doom since the late 70s and we were supposed to be under 7 feet of ice by now according to the SETTLED SCIENCE back then only to have it switched to Global Warming and ASSURED END OF THE WORLD BY 2000! and we are still here breathing and kicking.

And now we flipped to the vague term Climate Change that pretty much covers whatever people want to be: IT IS HOT! ZOMG! CLIMATE CHANGE! (formerly known as Hot Spell)
IT IS SNOWING IN THE ROCKIES! CLIMATE CHANGE! (something that has never happened before, right) ZOMG! HURRICANES IN FLORIDA! (Also, first time Evah!)


Pardon me if I am a bit reticent about believing this new doomsday date based only in political BS from a bartender from Brooklyn and an angry 21st version of Pippi Longstocking.

Great Thunberg, Angry 21st Century environmental Pippi Longstockins

I do believe it is not going to go well anyway… Who cares?


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “And I pissed off some youngins by making fun of Climatestrike”
  1. Hey Miguel

    This is unrelated. I remember reading last week that there was a proposal for “background checks and using a phone app or something and it was shot down by the dems because it aint about a background check, but registration and confiscation. Was that you that posted it, or someone else. ? Sorry about asking because you and WRSA are my normal reads.

  2. “Pardon me if I am a bit reticent about believing this new doomsday date based only in political BS from a bartender from Brooklyn and an angry 21st version of Pippi Longstocking.”

    Well said.

    1. Yup. Too funny. Hey all you “old guys”, remember 1989??? The un- WE ONLY HAVE 11 YEARS LEFT TO FIX CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!!!!! Grab a pod eater and show em that article date 30 YEARS AGO! Gawd I am sick and tired of this climate change gun grabbin stupid shiitte!!! The earth is how old???? And we gonna fubar it???? Ya, time to buy some hair spray and empty it in to the sky while i shoot trees with my belt fed… end of rant. 21st century pipi. THATS. funny

  3. You could point out that in the last 10,000 years the earth was warmer than it is now for 9000 of those years. By about the same amount they’re freaking out over. And they called those times “climate optima”.

    You could ask them to find the place in the IPCC or the actual science documents where that 12 year number comes from because it’s not there. None of the official climate scientists are behind it.

    Or you could point out the blatant manipulation of data.

    And none of it will matter. Like the climate confessions site on NBC implies, it’s a religion.

  4. And…

    The number of minds that are changed because some anonymous supporters spray painted some letters and number on a long piece of paper or cloth (what was the environmental impact of that stunt again???) is…


    Really. It is no one. Not a single person changed their mind because of a sheet tied to an overpass. None, zip, nada. There is no difference between graffitti tagging a street sign and the actions of these “supporters.” The people who know what Climatestrike is have already made up their mind, the people who do not know, don’t care. The best this group might have achieved is someone driving down the road might ask themselves what that sign means. But, that thought will disappear by the next stop light.

    That’s the problem with all this crap. It is meaningless. Not a single mind has ever been changed by a hashtag campaign, or any other “protest” that does not actually involve a person taking action. Did you go to DC and spend the day in the rain on the National Mall? Or did you sit comfortably in your living room tweeting your reactions as you watched on TV?

  5. So the Age-ist Bigots used non-natural chemicals and yards of material that will end up in a landfill. How progressive of them.

  6. Ya, I tell my younger coworkers about the coming Ice age we were told about when I was in school during the 70’s. Most don’t believe me so I make them look it up. They are surprised to say the least.

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